IELTS Coaching in India


Dear Readers, Dolphin Education Consultancy wishes you a happy 75th Republic Day.

Today, we will discuss a topic that has been discussed in other aspects. 

Yes, it is about IELTS coaching in India. We hope you have seen our previous blogs about IELTS exam preparation and How to crack the IELTS exam. 

As we have already discussed what IELTS is and why it is needed, let us jump directly into our topic, IELTS coaching in India. 


Every IELTS coaching in India has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Students must be able to finalize the best one based on various categories like fees, distance, mode of training, etc. 

For IELTS coaching in India, the below details should be considered by the students: 

  • Gaining knowledge about the IELTS exam 
  • Getting guidance on a personal level 
  • Getting the study materials easily 
  • Learning the tips and tricks to answer the questions 
  • Know about time-saving techniques 


Every student must know the purpose of taking the IELTS exam before joining for IELTS coaching in India. If you are still determining what kind of IELTS exam to take or the parameters of the exam, we have a free demo session. 

In this demo session, our expert trainers will explain the thorough details and requirements of the IELTS exam. We also provide information on the pattern and evaluation process of the IELTS exam. 

It ensures our students are well prepared for the exams and do not repeatedly waste their time and money. Book a free demo class with us and get the below details for free: 

  • Brief background about IELTS coaching in India 
  • Type of IELTS exam – Academic / General 
  • Score validity 
  • Mode of test – Online / paper-based 
  • IELTS format in four modules 
  • Scoring method – Band from 0 to 9 
  • Scoring parameters in each of the IELTS modules 
  • Our teaching methodology 


Below are some significant factors that distinguish us from the other IELTS coaching in India. 

1.Adjustable Timings: 

We know that everybody has different daily schedules. Whether you are a student or a working professional, you can choose your preferred time with us for IELTS coaching in India. 

2.Online Interaction: 

If you live far from our coaching centre, you can opt for online IELTS coaching classes with us. 

3.Customized classes: 

You can join for personal IELTS training with us if you want extra coaching. We give special attention to each student who enrols with us. 

4.Proper study materials: 

Our experienced trainers always keep track of the changes in those patterns. Also, they confirm with the candidate what kind of IELTS they need (work/study). 

It ensures the students get the right and updated study material for IELTS coaching in India. 

5.Mock tests: 

Mock tests are essential to identify and correct the mistakes to get a good score. We provide as many mock tests as possible so that you are trained well in IELTS coaching in India. 

6.Reasonable Fee: 

We provide online and offline IELTS coaching in India at a very reasonable price with supreme quality teaching. 

Our main aim is to make sure that you score a good band on your first attempt so that you do not waste your time and money on a second time training. 

7.Experienced trainers: 

We have certified trainers with more than five years of experience in IELTS coaching. Their expertise in the subject will help you to get your target band score. 

8.Previous Achievements: 

The success stories of our previous students will give you a clear picture of our IELTS coaching in India. Band scores of 8 and more secured by our last batch of students will tell you about our practical way of teaching. 


If moving overseas is considered a huge choice, then making it a reality is even greater. Dolphin Education Consultancy is here to help students like you who have big aspirations and want to get aid from the finest. 

We provide one of the best IELTS coaching in India. We have tutors to support and guide you through all phases of the IELTS exam and help you achieve your ambition of going abroad.

Whether you are a beginner who aims to lay a strong foundation or an advanced learner who wants to improve your skills, Dolphin Education Consultancy will offer the best IELTS coaching in India. 

Choose wisely! Be Determined! Embark on your IELTS coaching in India with Dolphin Education Consultancy! 

Let our team guide you towards a bright and prosperous future! 

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