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UK Education Consultants
UK Education Consultants

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Dolphin education consultancy is one of the leading Study in UK Consultant with years of knowledge in this field. We, as consultants, give the most priority to the students who dream about studying at the best universities and schools in the United Kingdom. We, one of the best among Study in UK Consultants, understand the significance of your education and the impact of selecting the right course of Study, which will, in return, change your life. An incomparable education is what you have to offer you. Getting an education from overseas will always benefit you in terms of the quality and value that certificate could hold. It is with honor that one could carry the life experience and academic exposure you will be given with a UK education. And You can select the kind of university and education you want from plenty of options presented before you. We, as a study in UK Consultants, have a team of experienced Study in UK consultants who will always be available for your assistance. They will direct you to take the right decision on choosing a course of your interest on par with your academic advantage and financial situation.
The documentation process to get into a university in the UK is going to take time and effort. One has to ensure that all the documents are error-free and that there is a risk of rejection later if any inaccuracy is found. You will not have to fret about anything, as we have covered you here. Our experts will mentor you on credibility interviews and counsel you on etiquette. We will ensure that your documents are accurate before submission. You can avoid facing the pressure of finding universities that could offer you reductions in fees, getting the right scholarships and other monetary support with the help of Study in UK consultants. We always intend to bring you the best possible information on things which will make your UK dreams affordable and effortless.
Finding the best place to stay is the foremost matter before leaving the country. We have several providers who could help you. We will find you a place you can afford, as we abide by as the Study in UK Consultant, with the facilities you would require to live in the UK. We will present options for commuting to your university from your lodging without trouble.
Applying for a visa to study in UK is a challenging thing. The process will be smooth and stress-free with our expertise and experience. You can review the success rate of students we assisted in flying abroad. We will be able to make your pre-departure and post-arrival go untroubled. In addition, we lend you a helping hand on your arrival and in getting a UK sim card.
Many universities in the UK ask for a certificate, mostly IELTS, which will prove your English proficiency. We move the mountains for you to get the adequate skills to thrive in an English-speaking environment. To reach you there, we have professional IELTS trainers to train you and get you the band score you need. As one of the best Study in UK consultants, we are pursuing excellence in all areas of education consultation.

Study In UK For Indian Students:

Indian students, to get better opportunities and exposure to the World, prefer to study abroad, and the UK is one of the most desired destinations. Undeniably, it is a country that delivers the best learning experience for students. Additionally, a UK university qualification in your CV would look good when searching for employment. However, the more appealing matter of UK universities is that they assist you in getting your dream job with their various placement programs. For international students, specifically, Study in Uk for Indian students, the UK offers a post-study work visa which enables you to stay in the country for two years in search of employment after the studies.
The Uk has a background of being an international platform for students from across the World where they can interact and learn their areas of interest. The modules are extensive, and they could choose optional modules, polish their skillset, and deepen their knowledge on several subject matters. There are elaborate scholarship programs for Indians to make education affordable in the UK.
Many extracurricular activities are being offered at Uk universities in which Indian students can also take part. The initial shock from visiting the Uk and adapting to the culture will change into you wanting to get a permanent residency there. The students can enhance their CV by opting for activities which the university provides. Studying in UK will help you with your overall development as an individual, which will make you ready to embrace the World of opportunities. When compared to the duration of courses in other countries, the UK provides a much shorter time to finish the program to Study in Uk for Indian students. An undergraduate program will be three years, whereas a post-graduation can be completed in one year. This method makes the UK more attractive to Indian students. The major part of the tuition fee is reduced with a shorter term and which directly helps Indian students to find a job and have a career.
At dolphin education consultancy, we assist in various stages of your admission to the university. We will make sure that you are informed about the scholarships and other programs the university provides. With much relief and comfort, you can fly abroad and get all the benefits of studying in the UK. Various universities in the UK ask for an IELTS band score as a criterion for measuring your English language proficiency. We ensure you get the band score by giving you the best training on IELTS. The Study in UK for Indian students, with training and practice, will be done without much struggle.
With a good mark or grade in your higher secondary schooling, it is easy for you to get admission without much hassle. It is advisable to get your IELTS done, which means your choices of universities will be widened, and there is a high chance for you to get admission. And as an advantage, some universities won't ask you to have IELTS. With the knowledge and admission procedure that we know to Study in UK for Indian students, it is effortless for us to get you into the university that you dream of.
Over a hundred thousand students are in the UK for studies, and it increases every year. The rising number of young adults who travel to different countries for education is also very impressive. As per one report, Indian students surpass other Asian nationals, in terms of studying abroad, specifically in the UK. Uk is a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic country and is also in Favour of Indian students. The unparallel education given by universities is making the country more fascinating to the Study in UK for Indian students.
The students might be worried about the quality of education they received in India and would think it will be enough for international exposure. There is no need for such worries. With the proper guidance, one would know about the easiness and standards of every university in the UK. This will eventually help them to adapt and connect with students, both natives and non-natives. One another primary concern of Indian students is the climate. The climate would be different from India, but that doesn't mean it is not the right environment for education. Most of the time, the student will get adapted to the way of living of UK nationals which will help to learn about how they are going to survive on their own.
As an added advantage, there is a strong student network in the UK which connects you with different cultures and even with the same nationals. As a student, getting to know one's peer group and having a vivid academic experience will benefit from growing as an independent individual. The universities in the UK encourage their students to have versatile experiences as a learner and to fulfil that. Ultimately, they invite you to become part of extracurricular activities. Even to get a boost in your application to study in the Uk, there is a requirement to mention your extracurriculars which will take their application a long way.


We are certified partners and consultants for international education services, and we received many accolades and awards. In 2021we were given with British Council Training Suite assistant award for our excellence. In 2002 we were presented with an associate award, a certified prize from the British council training suite, as recognition for our constant efforts to excel in our area of expertise. To enable us as a learner and, as a result, experts, we have various training programs which we have been through under the British council where we were certified in the area of immigration, the UK as a study destination, English language learning and higher education. Dolphin education consultancy is a referral partner of IDP: IELTS Australia, which empowers our company to collect IELTS application forms and register them on behalf of the IELTS Australia test center. From the government of India, ministry of corporate affairs, we have received a certificate of incorporation. We are confirmed to be in accordance with the requirement of iso 9001:2015 as domestic and international educational consultancy services. We are operating as Dolphin Education Consultancy UK limited in the UK.

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Our vision is to visualize the dream of studying abroad of the youth and enthusiastic student community as well as qualified candidates. We team up with partner universities both in India and the UK to satisfy the desire for overseas education of the aspirants. We wish to lead a change in our approach to educational growth and development. We take responsibility for that change we want to see in the world around us.


We work towards a mission of selecting a suitable university and course for scholars as well as to create a motivating work environment that recognizes and rewards achievements at all levels and helps in the organization’s growth through integrity & excellence.


To provide the students with accurate and up to date information about education, lifestyle, accommodation and employability in the UK. Apart from career counselling we also provide various English language test preparation classes like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc.

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