Pre Departure

Pre-Departure Worries? UK education consultant to assist you

We organized a pre-departure event to ease the students' transition because studying in UK from India involves many difficulties and opportunities. The pre-departure advice event will give students a thorough grasp of the diverse lifestyle expectations they will encounter abroad. Aspiring students will hear the opinions and experiences of students who have just graduated or are currently studying abroad. The event provides the ideal setting for a one-on-one discussion as both the students' guide and they will be travelling to the exact location. It will aid in understanding a new place's climatic elements, topographical conditions, and cultural variations.

How to get a visa:

One of your first preparations before leaving is to do this. As soon as you receive your university's confirmation letter and CAS number, begin the visa application process.

UK Sim Card Support:

When they arrive in the UK, the students can activate and use this sim card. The Sim card will require a top-up of 5 GBP, and each call will cost 1P/minute. Without charging for shipping, we, Uk education consultants, will mail the SIM card to the student's home address.

Flight Checklist:

Air travel is more challenging from point A to point B. Prioritizing comfort and convenience is vital whether you travel for work or pleasure. The following carry-on essentials


Once you receive your admissions offer, you will need this to apply for your visa. Make sure your passport is prepared and has at least one additional year of validity than the length of your academic year. To ensure you have it, make copies or scan it for your smartphone's Once you receive your admissions offer, you will need this to apply for your visa. Make sure your passport is prepared and has at least one additional year of validity than the length of your academic year. To ensure you have it, make copies or scan it for your smartphone's

Competitive Test Results:

Your list of documents needed to study in UK from India should start with this. You may need to submit different standard test scores with your application depending on the university you're applying to. Scores on the GMAT or GRE may be required for some universities. For Indian students seeking proof of English competence, this might be the TOEFL or IELTS.

Statement of Purpose:

If your SOP is strong, a university may provide you with an offer letter. This written statement includes information on who you are, your motivations for selecting the school and the course, and your intended career path after completing the program. It is also referred to as the graduate school essay and often has 1-2 pages.


Your name, address, educational background, institutions attended, grades earned, internships completed, and work experience are all listed on a resume. This may be a vital record used to evaluate student applications. If you have any supporting documentation, you can attach it.

Letter of Recommendation:

Put this high up there on your list of study in UK from India documents; take your time. LORs and reference letters are very important to universities. You can request one from the faculty of the college or university where you received your degree. You can also request one from your employers. The person writing your recommendation will base their recommendation on your traits, skills, and capacity to perform the duties you have been given at work or school.
If this is your first time flying, take some time to familiarize yourself with the various types of baggage and the items you are permitted to bring. Our article on the distinction between carry-on luggage and personal goods is a beautiful place to start. Put on comfy, loose clothing that you feel good in. It can be a misery to endure hours of flight time in uncomfortable clothing, especially on lengthy journeys. The right in-flight gear can make a difference. Bring anything you need to be comfortable, such as a travel pillow, sleep mask, blanket, and earplugs. Before your flight, swap your money with a trustworthy currency exchange agency. Uk education consultants like ourselves will assist you with this throughout the process. It makes sense to utilize currency exchange firms if the one you select enables you to order your currency online before the drop and pick it up at the airport. When you pre-order online, these firms often provide a better exchange rate that is more competitive with what other businesses outside the airport
You can pack a change of clothes in your carry-on luggage and change at the airport if you want when you study in UK from India.

Post-Arrival Guidance and Study in UK for Indian Students

Once the student arrives in the UK, they must complete several necessary registrations, including those with the GP, NI, dental, and electoral systems. By offering appropriate links that students can access and meet, Uk education consultants provide directions for the registration procedure mentioned above. On arrival in the UK, students must present a valid passport and visa. However, you might also need to submit the following, so have these in your hand luggage:
  • proof of financing for a current medical report with x-ray results (if required), a notice of your
  • unconditional offer letter from the University of Hertfordshire or your CAS email (if you have a visit visa)
  • Be ready to discuss your accommodations and reasons for visiting the UK when questioned. According to the Border Force Officer, you must also be able to speak English at the necessary level without the aid of an interpreter. You might also have your fingerprints taken if you submitted biometrics with your visa application. To support you as Uk education consultants, we will provide you with the necessary information prior to your travel.

    Register with a general practitioner (GP):

    If your course is six months or more, you must register with a GP immediately after arriving. Your doctor will offer you an NHS number you'll need to use to get hospital care or referrals to specialists. Please with your doctor if the recommended immunizations have yet to be received. You can register with any local physician, usually at the clinic closest to your residence. If you become ill while attending university, you can receive healthcare immediately.

    Applying for a National Insurance number is possible if you:

    Inhabit the UK or possess a right to work in the UK or are employed or actively seeking employment or have an offer of employment. Suppose you demonstrate that you are authorized to work in the UK. In that case, you may begin working before receiving your National Insurance number. Your National Insurance number is static throughout your entire life. Even if your information changes, having a National Insurance number already would help you not to apply for a new one later. All Uk education consultants might guide you on such information.

    Council tax:

    In England, Scotland, and Wales, local governments establish the council tax to fund local services, including garbage collection, local law enforcement, and the fire department. It is based on the cost of your residence, referred to in this data as your "dwelling." Northern Ireland does not have a council tax. However, students who study in UK from India and other international students may be required to pay a different municipal tax rate. Speak with the advice service at your university or the students' union for additional details. The government of Northern Ireland also disseminates valuable data.

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