Education Consultancy

Foreign Education: 

India, one of the developing countries, sends many students to study abroad every year. Below are many reasons why students are more interested in studying abroad. 

  • Foreign universities have students from many countries to experience the world's cultural diversity. 
  • To be more independent, which helps develop their decision-making and problem-solving skills. 
  • To meet new people, learn new technologies, and gain more knowledge. 

1. Students have many questions after deciding to study abroad: 

  • Which country should I choose? 
  • What is the best university? 
  • Which course would match my profile? 
  • Whether the selected duration has good employability 
  • How much would be the total cost? 

2. Would the lodging be safe and secure, among other things? 

We live in a technological age where we can get all of the world's news in our hands. Because of mobile phones and the Internet, 

The student will get answers to all the above questions through the web. But they would be only suggestions. They can't conclude with that information. Also, no minor details will be provided in the study abroad process. 

Sometimes, friends and family can guide the students with their limited knowledge. This does not imply a high level of professional career guidance. Any of their college friends who are already studying abroad could help. 

Because of the primary essential reasons, a need for professional help arises, which is where education consulting comes into play. This article is all about discussing the demand for overseas education consulting services. 


Students' decisions to study abroad are always life-altering and significantly influence their careers. So it's always a good idea to seek expert assistance. 

The primary role of education consultancies is to assist students who wish to study abroad. Overseas Education Consultancies are professionals who are well-versed in all foreign universities. The consultancies communicate with many foreign universities and gather information about university life for international students. 

This helps to coordinate the students with the respective foreign university to secure admission. Hence, international education counselling is very informative and essential because of the advice provided. 

Students approach education consultancies to learn more about their desired course and country of study. Also, the student needs to know the process involved in overseas education because foreign education is expensive. 


Applying for higher education in foreign countries is becoming simpler with time. Many students are applying to international universities on their own. However, they must be entirely aware of the requirements for overseas education. 

Getting a student visa involves following many rules and regulations. If mistakes are made, the probability of getting a VISA rejection is higher. This may cause problems for the students in the years to come. 

To avoid such situations, students should approach professional education consultancies. Only an expert education consultant has reliable and trustworthy knowledge of the study abroad process. The following are some of the points that assure us that we can rely on these consulting firms: 

  • They will help you throughout the process. 
  • They will provide you with all of the information they have. 
  • They will be attentive to your preferences and comfort because they are good listeners. 
  • They can provide you with sound educational advice because they are well-versed in the study abroad process. 
  • They will assist with the VISA application and all other documentation requirements. 
  • Even after you move abroad, you can still get their guidance whenever needed. 

5. Benefits for Students: 

The student should have answers to the following points after consulting with an educational counsellor: 

6. Choosing the Course: 

  • Suitable country and university 
  • Requirements for an International Student 
  •  Financial estimation 
  • Exams to qualify for overseas studies 

7. Applying for the Course :

  • Career and employability options for the selected course at the university 
  • Application procedure 
  • Student loan and scholarship availability 
  • The VISA application process for students 

8. Other things to consider: 

  • Lifestyle and safety in the foreign country 
  •  Accommodation 
  • Part-time job availability 
  • Number of international students at the university 

9. Role of Dolphin Education Consultancy: 

We at Dolphin Education Consultancy provide the following services to students so they can study in a foreign country: We make their study-abroad experience a breeze. 

10. Profile Evaluation: 

We understand your profile completely and provide course and university options based on that. We also discuss potential career paths after completing the course. 

11. Career Counselling: 

We suggest and help you choose the country, university, and course based on your eligibility and financial requirements. 

12. Admission Guidance: 

After confirmation of the university and course, we assist you with the fee structure, the right time to apply, the entrance or English exams to be taken for the university, and the expenses for study and accommodation

13. Documentation: 

Based on the requirements provided by the international universities, we assist you with assembling all the documents needed for the application procedure. 

14. Editing: 

Some documents, like a statement of purpose, a resume, essays, etc., are needed by the universities to determine the applicants' academic and English knowledge. As a result, we assist you in tailoring those contexts to perfection whenever necessary. 

15. Educational Loans: 

We assist you with educational loan information and processing. Also, we help you get scholarships from foreign universities based on your profile. 

16. VISA Assistance: 

We will help you prepare for the VISA interviews and provide detailed information for VISA documentation. 

17. University Interviews: 

We assist the students in preparing for the credibility interviews conducted by foreign universities by conducting mock interviews. 

18. Accommodation Assistance: 

Students are provided with accommodation services offered by universities with which we have direct affiliations to avoid them searching and struggling. Also, sometimes, we make you contact our senior students to assist with accommodations. 

19. Query Team: 

After enrolling in university, students can contact our customer service team whenever they require assistance in a foreign country.

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