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Let us get back to today’s topic of discussion: study in UK with scholarship. 

Choosing the UK for higher studies is one of the best decisions in a student’s life owing to the quality and recognition of UK universities. However, this life-changing opportunity of earning an international degree is expensive. 

Students must spend at least £40,000 yearly on tuition fees and living expenses. 

Here is where the scholarships come into play. Students can study in UK with scholarship with proper advanced planning and reduce their financial burden. 

We put together the following topics to guide the students to study in UK with scholarship:  

  • Various types of scholarships 
  • Eligibility criteria to study in UK with scholarship 
  • How to study in UK with scholarship 


Scholarships are designed to support students in their field of study and to provide better career opportunities. International students can study in UK with scholarships of various types, which can be categorized as follows: 

1.Government-funded Scholarships: 

The UK government and its respective agencies provide scholarships to international students worldwide. Also, government bodies of other countries offer study in UK scholarship programs for its students. Some of them are: 

  • The Chevening Scholarships for Master’s degree 
  • The Commonwealth Scholarships for PhD and Master’s courses 
  • GREAT scholarships 

2.University Specific Scholarships: 

The universities in the UK offer specific study in UK with scholarship programmes to its international students. Some of them can cover both the tuition fees and living expenses. These scholarships are provided based on the student's academic background, extra-curricular activities, etc. 

  • The President’s Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme – Leicester University 
  • International Scholarship Award – De Montfort University 
  • International Hardship Fund – Greenwich University 
  • International Pathways Scholarship – Coventry University 

3.Private Scholarships: 

Private organizations, companies and foundations provide study in UK with scholarships to international students based on their academic merit and financial need. 

  • CastleSmart Scholarship 
  • The Royal Society Grants 

4.Subject related scholarships: 

Some scholarships are available to students in fields like STEM courses, Accountancy, MBA, etc. 

  • British Council Scholarships for Women in STEM 
  • Robert Hulman Bursary – Accounting and Finance Courses at Greenwich University 
  • The Full Time MBA Scholarship – Brunel University London 


Students must meet a set of standards to avail themselves of scholarships. Each scholarship has its eligibility criteria based on the type of course, field of study, student nationality, etc. 

Below are some of the general eligibility criteria to study in UK with scholarships: 

1.Academic Excellence: 

he scholarship providers seek students with a solid academic background in this criterion. They must meet specific eligibility criteria based on their academic excellence.

2.Type of Course: 

Some scholarships are provided to only specific courses in the particular field of study. So, the students must check for the scholarship availability for the courses they choose to study. 


Generally, all international students get the opportunity to study in UK with scholarship. However, some scholarships are designated to students from certain countries. 

4.Financial requirements: 

If the student’s financial status falls under a specific category, they can apply to study in UK with scholarship using this category. It will be approved based on the financial needs and requirements of the student.  

5.Student age limit: 

These scholarships apply to students who are falling under a specific age limit. 

6.Extra-curricular activities: 

Students performing well in extra-curricular activities like sports, English language (writing skills), etc., can use this kind of scholarship. 


Students should research and have a thorough understanding of the availability of scholarships. They should never miss even a tiny detail. Here are some of the steps that students should consider for study in UK with scholarship. 

  • Get the details of universities and courses according to your career goals 
  • Explore the scholarships offered by governments, universities and other private organizations 
  • Check the eligibility requirements of the scholarships and ensure that you meet those requirements 
  • Gather all the required documents needed to apply for study in UK with scholarship 
  • Start the admission process for the university of your choice 
  • Please apply for the scholarships after checking their respective guidelines and deadlines, along with all the necessary documents 
  • Keep yourself updated about the status of the scholarship announcements and updates 
  • Prepare yourself for the scholarship interviews if needed 
  • Arrange for alternate funding options in case you do not get the scholarship. You can check for part-time jobs and other funding options. 


Fulfilling their goals builds a successful career path for the students. Many students aspiring to study in the UK fail to achieve their dreams because of the financial burden. However, study in UK with scholarship opportunities has motivated many Indian students to chase their dream of a UK education. During your research for study in UK with scholarship, check all your possibilities and wait patiently. Apply for every scholarship that you think you are eligible for. Do remember that the competition for the scholarships can be more intense. So, you need to kick-start your application process earlier. Dolphin Education Consultancy is here to help you with that. We help interested students secure scholarships, funds, and bursaries.Our partnership with the leading universities in the UK helps students to study in UK with scholarship that benefit their future.

We inform our students about the universities and courses that offer scholarships, especially for Dolphin Education Consultancy's students. We also provide up-to-date information about all the national and international scholarships.If you put your study in the UK plans on hold due to financial issues, you can neglect that and start going on your dream path. We are here to guide you to learn more about study in UK with scholarship opportunities.

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