Gideon Royal

Gideon Royal

Hi everyone, I am Gideon Geoffrey Royal writing this review about Dolphin Education Consultancy. First of all, I would like to thank their immense contribution and well-versed knowledge of the UK Admission process and Visa process in general. The way they helped me to select the perfect university and to prepare the necessary documents for the Application was simply amazing.

Their service has been very instrumental as my case is very complicated due to three prior Tourist Visa refusals due to non-adherence to the process but Team Dolphin made it possible for me to get CAS from my University which later helped me acquire Tier-4 Student Visa to enter the UK.

I am so very grateful for their team performance and the way of handling students which were nothing but smooth as silk. As a special note, Team Dolphin provided free sim cards before my departure to the UK which was posted to my Indian home address and also helped me with Pre-departure guidance which includes flight booking and preparing for travel.

Their Post-Arrival team made sure that they have received me at the airport to make sure I already felt safe. They arranged a coach ticket so that I could reach Leicester. There was a prebooked Uber waiting to pick me up and dropped at my booked accommodation. It didn’t stop there as they called me every now and then to make sure if I felt comfortable. They also helped me to get my NI number which is needed here to work and assisted with the collection of BRP and student registration. I am very grateful that I have processed my application through Dolphin Education Consultancy.

To summarize, I would highly recommend Dolphin Education Consultancy for those interested candidates willing to study in the UK or any other study locations in the world as they would make sure to chase your dreams. You wouldn’t believe that all their services are free of cost and they also guided me with cost-cutting in various steps where I was about to spend extra money.
I would like to personally thank Karthick anna for all the guidance and support throughout.

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