Dinesh Somasundaram

Dinesh Somasundaram

"Hello Guys, I am Dinesh Somasundaram from a small village in Tamilnadu, India. First of all, I would like to thank everyone at Dolphin Education Consultancy especially, Mr. Karthick Subramaniam, who helped me from applying to De Montfort University, Leicester till the Post-Arrival guidance."

I approached Karthick Sir when I was planning to pursue my Masters abroad. He gave a clear idea about studying and living in the UK. On visiting their consultancy office, I was pleased by the friendly approach of the team. Their well-versed manner of selecting the course and university based on my profile was excellent. My Student Counsellor helped me to prepare the necessary documents to apply for the course which went smoothly. I was overjoyed on receiving the Offer Letter with a scholarship of 2000 GBP.

The team also assisted me by providing services like Free English Competitive Exam Coaching and Verbal Communication guidance to improve my spoken English. Be it from paying the deposit fee amount to the University, applying and processing the Visa or booking the accommodation, they handled it professionally. Their assistance in Pre-CAS interview preparation really helped me to clear the interview as Dolphin Education consultancy explained the importance of the interview and guided me to refer the university website for detailed information. With their assistance in my student Visa application, I got my Visa within 10 days and also, I received my UK sim card through the post for free which is an additional benefit for processing my application through Dolphin Education Consultancy.

The Pre-Departure team helped me to prepare for my travel and assisted me to book the flight to the UK. A special mention is when I faced delay in receiving the CAS letter from the University due to the delay in getting my financial document from the bank, Team Dolphin took a lot of efforts for me to guide me in the right direction and made sure I received the letter in the correct format on time which showed the true potential of their outstanding services.

After reaching the United Kingdom, the Post-Arrival team welcomed me at the airport to make sure that I felt safe. They booked a Coach ticket to Leicester from the airport and later from the bus-stand, a cab was pre booked to the doorstep of my booked accommodation without any problem.

Team Dolphin’s effort and care didn’t stop there. They often contacted me to know if I had a safe stay at the new surroundings and asked me to reach out to them at any time. They assisted me to know about the neighbourhood too.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the team made everything seem easier and safe from sorting out the process of applying for the Student registration, Student ID card, BRP collection from the post office, NHS(GP) and Dentist registration and NI number registration which are all mandatory here in the UK. They did keep up their word on Part-Time Job Assistance and assisted me in getting a part time job.

It is my immense pleasure to share my experience with Dolphin Education Consultancy. I would strongly recommend their services for students who really want to shine in the UK and also in other parts of the world.

The surprising part of this whole experience is that all of these services are FREE of cost and the Experts will guide you in the right way where your money isn’t wasted unnecessarily. I am grateful to Dolphin Education Consultancy.

Thank you.

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