Worried about Fund Maintenance

Some might have the question, "Why do they need to maintain their funds in the account for 28 consecutive days?"

Well, this one is for you guys.

Many have this question: why do they need to maintain a certain amount in their account?
Well, it's being done to prove to the university that you intend to go to and the UK government that you will be able to take care of yourself financially and that you won’t be depending on anyone for money in the UK. Normally, when you think of pursuing your higher education in the UK, you will need to think about the process of applying to universities and arranging the funds for the same. You should be able to pay for your course fee, your living expenses, and also your other miscellaneous charges like IHS charges, the VISA processing fee, and your ticket fares. You can actually do it in two ways. You can either pay your entire university course fee upfront and keep the rest of the funds in your account, or you can pay the initial fee to the university upfront, arrange an education loan, and show the education loan letter as proof of funds.

You may think that this is an easy process. Well, it's not, and it's not something to play with or try out without any prior information. If it goes wrong, you may not get your money back. There are specific formats in which you must provide proof of funds to both the university and the UK government.

Dolphin Education Consultancy, one of the best UK education consultants, makes the process of studying in the UK so simple. We assist students by providing the formats in which they will have to get the fund maintenance letter and education loan letter from the banks and upload them to the universities and the UK government. We also assist in making international fee payments to the university. We make sure that everything is done by the book so that a student doesn’t miss out on even one single step in the process, like submitting the TT copy to the university, submitting the fund maintenance letter to the university for CAS, and submitting the same with the VISA application. And if you are going for an educational loan, we assist you by making sure that the loan letters are as per the format and are updated to the university and the UK VISA Team.

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