UK University Application Requirements


Good day, our beloved readers! Our last blog about pursuing a master’s degree in the UK was beneficial for you. 

Today, we will discuss a topic that is more related to that: UK university application requirements. 

If you dream of pursuing education in the UK, here is a guide to the documents needed to apply to UK universities. 

This blog will cover topics such as: 

  • How to apply to universities in UK 
  • UK university application requirements 
  • Documents needed to apply 


Once you confirm the course for applying to university in UK, you can start your admission process. Below is the step-by-step application process followed by us, Dolphin Education Consultancy - a leading study abroad consultant: 

  • Connect with our student counsellors through calls/email/website/visiting our office 
  • Submit all the documents needed to apply to UK universities and get your student ID from our counsellors 
  • Enrol with our team for any English exams/entrance exams 
  • Shortlist your desired universities based on the tuition fee, intake, course structure, job aspects, etc. 
  • Our team will handle your documentation work and admission process related to the UK university application requirements. 
  • Once the university issues the offer letter, our consultants will assist with payment for the fee. 
  • You can pay the fee and confirm your seat at the university. 
  • Get guidance for clearing the credibility interview conducted by the university. 
  • Once you receive your CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies), our immigration consultants can help you apply for a student visa. 

Now, you are all set to fly and start living your dream of studying abroad!! 


For international students, the UK university application requirements may vary depending on various factors, such as course, degree level, duration, university, etc. However, the basic requirements remain the same for all students. 

A basic UK university application requirements are as follows: 

1.Qualifications and grades: 

  • Your past academic qualifications are among the most essential UK university application requirements.  
  • As most UK university admissions are competitive, having a score of more than 70% is good. 

2.Language Proficiency: 

  • All the courses offered to international students by the UK universities are in English.  
  • Hence, you are required to take any of the English proficiency exams to study in UK 
  • The type of English exam and the score are determined based on your choice of university and course 

3.Entrance exams: 

  • Some of the competitive universities in the UK conduct entrance exams to choose the best students 
  • Courses related to law, medicine, business management, etc., also have mandatory entrance exams. 
  • You will be closely evaluated on the core concepts of the field of study you applied for. 


With all the documentation processes involved, applying to universities can be daunting. The required document list may vary according to each UK university application requirements. It also depends on the course that you have chosen. 

However, for any international student, the following are essential documents needed to apply to UK universities. 

1.University Application Form: 

  • It can be completed online either through the university's website or through UCAS (for bachelor's degree) 
  • Our counsellors at Dolphin Education Consultancy will make the application on your behalf. 
  • The application fee may be required for some specific universities/courses. 


  • A passport is one of the most important documents needed to study in UK. 
  • It is considered proof of identity and must be valid for at least three years from the date of visa application. 
  • If you do not have a passport or need one renewed or updated, you can contact our passport services team. 

3.Mark sheets and Degree Certificate: 

  • Previous academic qualifications are mandatory to meet the UK university application requirements. 
  • You must submit 10th and 12th-grade mark sheets to apply for a bachelor's degree. 
  • Previous degree certificates and semester-wise mark sheets are needed to apply to UK universities’ master's degrees. 

4.Scores for English Proficiency Test: 

  • Students from other countries whose first language is not English must take English exams additionally. 
  • The language proficiency tests will help you prove your fluency in English to study in UK. 
  • You must submit scores for any English proficiency exam, such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo, etc. 
  • These scores are one of the critical UK university application requirements. 

5.Scores for Entrance exams: 

  • Before applying to universities and courses in the UK, you need to check the additional entrance exam required for those. 
  • You may have to take some specific entrance exams to meet some UK university application requirements. 
  • The most common entrance exams for applying to university in UK are the GMAT, GRE, BMAT, Cambridge Law Test and many more. 

6.Work Experience Letters: 

  • Some of the courses require a significant amount of work experience in that field. 
  • You may also submit internship certificates to meet UK university application requirements. 
  • Extra-curricular certificates and participation certificates also help you to get UK university admissions.  

7.Letter of Recommendation: 

  • To highlight their abilities and achievements, you need to provide a recommendation letter while applying to university in UK. 
  • You can get these letters from your professors, teachers or work supervisors. These letters are one of the most important documents needed to apply to UK universities. 

8.Statement of Purpose: 

  • A statement of purpose is required to explain the academic and professional interests of the students. 
  • You need to explain why you are choosing the university and course to study in UK and your plans. 


A CV / Resume is mandatory for UK university application requirements to know about the student's prior experience. 

You should include your details, such as:  

  • academic qualifications 
  • internships and jobs 
  • achievements 
  • skills and strengths 
  • extra-curricular activities 

10.Financial Evidence: 

  • Evidence of financial support for living and studying in the UK is an important document that is needed to apply to UK universities. 
  • You must submit bank statements covering one year of your tuition fee and living expenses while you study in UK. 


  • You must submit a portfolio if you are applying for an arts, architecture, or design degree. 
  • The portfolios should contain designs and samples related to your field of expertise. 
  • It helps the university assess your skills needed for UK university application requirements. 

12.Research Proposal: 

  • Doctorate and post-doctoral degrees require students to submit a research proposal to meet the UK university application requirements. 
  • The student selection for these research-based programs will be based on those research proposals. 


The required documents may vary depending on the university and course you choose. Our student counsellors can help you meet the UK university application requirements. 

However, most UK universities commonly need the above-listed documents. Consider this a checklist of documents needed to apply to UK universities. 

If you are considering applying to any international universities in the UK, this is high time. As the September 2024 intake’s deadlines are nearing, you must apply quickly to meet UK university application requirements. 

With crucial information about UK university application requirements, this blog will help you successfully get through your dream UK university admissions. 

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