UK Student Accommodation

UK Student Accommodation - Useful Tips To Choose Best One

Welcome everyone! Today let us see about the most underrated part of the study abroad process – the UK student accommodation. 
Being busy with all the study abroad processes such as university applications, fee payment, visa applications and flight tickets, UK student accommodation can be at the bottom of your priority list.
Finding accommodation is one of the more stressful parts of moving abroad. You may be worrying about the location, price and other factors.
Here is a guide to explain what options are available and what you need to consider when opting for UK student accommodation.
Below are some of the types of UK student accommodation. From this list, you can choose one you feel comfortable with


  • The on-campus UK student accommodation provided and managed by the universities are called dorms or halls of residence.
  • The first preference will be given to first-year students as only a limited number of rooms are available.
  • The rooms can be single or double, or even private rooms. However, other common spaces like halls, kitchens and bathrooms must be shared.
  • You need to book the dorm by accepting the offer and making an initial payment before the deadline. It will confirm your place in the dorm.
  • This UK student accommodation makes commuting easier for students as they are located within or near the university.
  • They do not accept students from other universities.


  • This UK student accommodation is like the halls of residence. But the difference is they have a communal kitchen.
  • These halls are also managed only by universities and are most preferred by international students.
  • Self-catered halls allow students to cook their food at any time as per their wish.
  • They are also situated within the campus or near the university, thus making commuting easy for the students.


  • Private student halls are like halls of residence but are managed by private organizations.
  • As it accommodates students from various universities, you will have the opportunity to expand your social circle.
  • You will have a separate room with communal spaces being shared with others. At an additional cost, you can book studio flats in the private student halls.
  • It may be located either near or far from the university location. If it is far from the university, you have to spend extra money on commuting.


  • During the first year, if students stay in university accommodation, they make new friends and become aware of their surrounding areas well.
  • It will lead them to search for houses or flats outside the university. These private rentals are shared mainly by friends or other students.
  • A tenancy agreement needs to be signed by the students. These types of accommodation prove to be the best value for money as thousands of students prefer it.
  • You can book this private UK student accommodation directly through the landlord or websites and letting agents.


  • If you feel homesick as an international student, you can choose homestay as the mode of UK student accommodation.
  • You can rent a room with a local family near your university campus. It has catered meals shared with the family, and all the bills will be included in the rent.
  • He host families will be inspected and approved by the university. It will assure you that you are going into a safe environment.
  • You will get a private room in this type of UK student accommodation. Other common areas, like the living room and kitchen, will be shared with the host family.


  • In this type of UK student accommodation, you have various options based on your preference.
  • You can opt for en-suite, studio apartments, twin rooms, etc. It can be more expensive when compared with other types of student accommodations as it gives you more privacy.
  • Private rentals can be more costly because you must pay utility bills like water, wi-fi and gas along with the rent.


  • Start searching for accommodation once you receive your offer letter from the university.
  • Get advice from your family and friends before deciding where to live in the UK. You can check with the universities to attend accommodation open days. 
  • Do thorough research about the place, cost and benefits of choosing each option before making a final decision.
  • When renting houses privately or through agencies, ensure you get your landlord's direct number.
  • While opting for all-inclusive rental costs, check if you will use all those facilities. If not, choose to pay for what you use, like gas, water, electricity, wi-fi, etc.,
  • In joint tenancy agreements, ensure it is mentioned that you will not be burdened with the rent if any roommates move out.
  • The tenancy-related agreement should be written clearly and signed by both parties before you move in.


You will not be in the classrooms for the entire duration of your course. You will need a comfortable place to lay your head and relax to start the next day fresh. Being an international student, you may need help to get UK student accommodation. You must plan earlier and search for suitable UK student accommodation. 
By knowing about all the aspects of UK student accommodation, you can ensure your academic journey in the UK is smooth and successful.
We hope our article addressed some of your stress about finding suitable UK student accommodation. That means securing UK student accommodation will no longer be scary for you, right? 
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