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How Students can get UK Scholarships?

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As an international student looking for funding to study abroad, then you have come to the right place.

Here is our complete guide to let you know everything about the scholarships.

If you have done a little research on studying abroad, you will have known by this time that it won’t come cheap, after all, you are moving to another country.

With visa and flight charges to tuition fees and insurance costs, you are going to need a fat bank balance for the most coveted overseas stint.

Studying in the UK will undoubtedly provide you with world-class qualification and skill development to enhance your career opportunities.

How much does it cost?

But it can be seriously costly with your combined expense for tuition fee and living expenses topping up to £20,000 a year.

You can’t give up on your dream as you have many ways to get an extra bit of help for funds even if you or your parents can’t afford it at the moment.

That’s why scholarships, awards, etc. come in handy.

These scholarships not only help you fund your studies but also provides recognition for your academic potential.

So, your mind may be racing with questions like

  •  Where can you get the scholarships?
  •  How to apply for them?
  •  How many expenses can be covered?


No worries! We have gone through many university websites and UK government policies.

And put together a complete guide for a scholarship for international students in the UK.


Scholarships can be awarded in many forms and for various reasons.

The terms scholarships, awards, grants, bursaries may sound different but have the common basic principle “Support students financially"?.

Let’s see the reason for each of the term:

  •  Scholarships: Provided for academic or extracurricular excellence
  •  Grants: Given for achievement, financial, need or personal circumstances
  •  Bursaries: Provided for those in financial need
  •  Fellowships: Provided to graduates or postgraduates for working in a specific field.
  •  Loans: Currently loans are available to the permanent residents of the UK.

Students generally misunderstand that scholarships are for academically gifted and Bursaries are for those in financial need so that people in between do not get anything. This is not true.

There are so many funding opportunities designed by each of the universities in the UK to support international students. Now you have come to the right place to know about all these details. Let’s jump in!


There are a number of scholarships offered by UK universities as well the UK government to the international students. Before applying for them, you must make sure that your application is strong enough to meet the eligibility criteria and has a good chance of securing that scholarship.

But of course, you must prepare a backup plan as there are no guarantees. So, you must investigate the type of scholarship before you apply. The major three categories are:

  •  Global Scholarships
  •  Country-Specific Scholarships
  •  University scholarships
  •  Science and Research Scholarships

Let’s see about these scholarships in detail.

Global Scholarships

This is a broader scholarship that is available to students from most of the foreign countries. Only a few countries may not be included.

They have a strict eligibility criterion.

Some of them may be funded by the UK government and some may not.


Scotland’s Saltire Scholarship

  •  Postgraduate students in specific areas like science, technology, healthcare and renewable energy can apply for this scholarship. However, the Scottish Government provides this scholarship to students from a few countries like India, Pakistan, Canada, China and USA.

British Chevening Scholarship:

  •  Students can utilize full or part funding from this scholarship for their full-time graduate programs in any subject. Applicants are welcomed from more than 160 countries.

Commonwealth Scholarships for Developing Commonwealth Countries

  •  If you are from a developing commonwealth nation like India, Nigeria, Pakistan, etc. and undertaking your master’s or Ph.D. level, then you can apply for this scholarship. Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme at the UK Universities. International students who are doing their taught master’s program which is relevant to the development of economy/technology/society within their country of origin can avail this scholarship.

GREAT Scholarship

  •  It offers 31 scholarships from UK universities and worth a minimum of £10,000. To achieve this, students may need to attend tutorials, act as an ambassador for the UK’s higher education, etc.
  •  This scholarship is jointly funded by the UK Government’s GREAT Britain Campaign and the British Council.


A.S. Hornby Trust Scholarship

  •  This is provided for the English Language Teachers to develop their English skills and is applicable to most of the world countries that come as middle income (and below) countries.

CastleSmart Scholarship

  •  Online Estate Agency CastleSmart annually offers all the international students an opportunity to grab £6000 if they create an outstanding youtube video describing their study and career plans.
  •  But this is applicable to only undergraduate students.

Surf Shark Privacy and Security Scholarship

  •  A scholarship prize of £2000 is available to the students who not only enrolled in the UK but also any other study destination for their high school, undergraduate or graduate studies.
  •  Students of all nationalities can submit an essay to get this scholarship.
  •  Albukhary Scholarship, OPEC Fund for International Development Scholarship, Felix Scholarship (Applicable for Oxford, Reading & SOAS – London Universities) are some of the other private funded scholarships available to international students.

Country Specific Scholarships

These scholarships are applicable to the students from a specific country. Below are some of the examples.

  •  Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships – India
  •  Entente Cordiale Scholarships – France
  •  Great Britain China Center Chinese Student Awards – China
  •  Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship Programme – Africa
  •  Young Cell Scheme – Kosovo
  •  The Luys Scholarship Program – Armenia

University scholarships

Almost all the universities in the UK offer financial support to international students. If you have your eye on a particular university, look for its website to know more details about scholarships.

  •  De Montfort University International Scholarship
  •  Leicester University’s College of Science and Engineering Scholarship Scheme
  •  University of Greenwich International Travel Bursary
  •  Aston University’s Women in Engineering International Scholarship
  •  University of Derby Postgraduate (PGT) Scholarship
  •  ARU MBA Scholarship

Science and Research Scholarships

There are a lot of opportunities for international students to do their research programs with funding in the UK. Some of the encouraging scholarships provided are:

  •  Marshall Sherfield Fellowships
  •  Newton Fund PhD Call
  •  Euraxess UK
  •  Royal Society Grants


The internet has a whole lot of information which makes overseas education a whole lot easier. There are hundreds of scholarships which are impossible for us to compile them all in this blog.

If you are looking for scholarship details there are great chances for you to come across spam. So always try to go through reliable websites as follows:

  •  University websites
  •  UK Government websites
  •  British Council Office
  •  UKCISA website
  •  Official website of the charities


When you have thought of applying for a UK University scholarship, make your application as early as possible. Because sometimes you may be eligible for a first come first serve basis.

Always check for the deadline for the scholarships that you are applying for. Eligibility depends on the scholarship. So, if you think that you are eligible, apply without any second thoughts.

Every scholarship has its own requirement which you will need to search on your own.


While applying for the scholarships, you must be sure that what is the scholarship amount and how much of the fares can be covered with it. Some scholarships may not even cover half of your tuition fee.

There are some scholarships on which you don’t need to spend anything for travel, visa, accommodation or tuition fee. You must be aware of the university policies on scholarship and plan accordingly.


Your biggest dream to pursue your higher education in the world-class UK universities should not be stopped by the simplest financial issues. A second thought could hinder your opportunity to gain top qualifications and skills much needed for your future career.

Receiving financial support in the form of scholarships could help you to achieve your dreams – be it starting your own business, helping your community, etc. This small opportunity could transform your future in a good way that you never imagined.

Started yearning for fish n’ chips? YES!!! Now you are considering studying in the UK. What are you waiting for then?

Apply for the scholarships confidently, cross your fingers, and hope you will reach the UK in the bat of an eye.

Need more information on your favourite university’s scholarship details? Or want to know about the scholarships available exclusively for Indian students?

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