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Studying in the united kingdom Best reasons to choose it over the US

Everyone dreams of achieving a successful career in the future. This dream drives many Indian students like you to study abroad. Before 2019, the total number of Indian students studying abroad was below seven lakhs. Do you know how many are predicted to study overseas by 2024?  More than 15 Lakh!!! Yes... It has simply more than doubled in the past couple of years. Especially many Indian students choose either USA or UK for their studies. They boast some world-class universities to small liberal arts colleges. Both are the leading countries in the educational field with excellent research facilities. They have the most robust economies among the world countries. Of course, it may be overwhelming for new students like you after your life-changing decision to study abroad. You may need help figuring out where to start and what to do. Though the UK and the USA are popular student study destinations, UK universities have more than 400,000 international students. This count is higher when compared with the universities in the USA. Wonder why many students prefer the UK for study over the USA? If you want to make the right decision, you are on the correct page!! To make it easier, we have created a quick guide to learn about the pros and cons of choosing the UK for study. 

UK for study


With prestigious universities and a diverse population, many international students flock to the UK yearly. Let us shed some light on what makes the UK stand out among the other English-speaking European countries. 

1. Education System: 

The education system in the UK provides importance to not only academics. It focuses on the overall development of a student. Students who study abroad are curious to see a different aspect of education. This includes understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the students, extracurricular activities, etc. Hence the students get an environment where they flourish better, not just academically. The British Education system has formed the foundation for quality education worldwide. From this, we can conclude that students who choose the UK for their study will prepare themselves to take on the world despite the challenges that lie ahead!! 

2. Academic Excellence: 

Because of the long-standing tradition of providing high-quality education, the UK has retained its position among international students who choose the UK for study. UK universities offer exposure to top-tier education, research facilities, and cultures. More than two of the top 10 universities in the world are in the UK. Along with the focus on quality education, UK universities boast some of the world's best faculty members. Official organisations regularly assess and grade the standard of teaching and research at UK universities. In the universities, professional bodies guide and review the curriculums for individual departments.  This gives universal recognition to the degrees and qualifications provided by UK universities. Students across the globe consider this as a primary reason to choose the UK for study. 

3. Variety of Courses & Specializations: 

Universities in the UK keep up with the current trends and include up-and-coming fields of study. They have curated many courses across different fields of study. Various types of specialisations that you find in UK universities cannot be found in other countries. For example, parapsychology, NavalManagement, Energy sustainability in smart cities, etc. These are some course options you cannot find in other universities outside the UK. The increase in the wide range of possibilities drives many international students to select universities in the UK for study

4. Financial Support: 

Financing an international education can take time and effort. Especially if you are going from India to the UK to study, almost everything from the tuition fee to the living costs is expensive. Also, most degrees in the UK take less time to complete. International students in the UK are provided with many scholarships and monetary grants at UK universities. Over 400 scholarships are provided to Indian students by the UK Government and the British Council during 2018-19. This affordable and financially stress-free experience makes the students choose the UK to study. 

5. Job Opportunities: 

With the scope of various industries and a high employment rate of international students, the UK is the common nation of origin for students seeking higher education. The main reason students study abroad is job opportunities during and after graduation. After their studies, students can stay in the UK for two years to secure a job. Students in the UK are allowed to work part-time for 20 hours per week. Some UK universities work placement as a part of the course and assist the students in providing placement. Universities aid students get a job by helping them with their profile and capabilities. 

6. Multi-cultural Nation: 

Students aim to study abroad mainly to experience different cultures. Since it is such a melting point, students can feel confident about choosing the UK for study. With students from more than 180 countries, the UK provides one of the best multicultural environments. This diversity allows the students to socialise with people worldwide and expand their social compass. Students who get early exposure to different cultures better understand people with diverse backgrounds. These skills are necessary to be a part of today's global workforce.


Over half of the top 200 universities worldwide are in the USA or the UK. Both countries may provide excellent environments for learning. However, both may have differences in the structure of their universities and student life. If you are debating between the USA and the UK universities for study, let's explore the primary differences between their education systems. 

  • Education System: 

Even though both countries have world-known universities and recognised courses, below are some factors that differentiate their education system and help you choose between the USA or the UK to study. 

  • Duration of the course:    

The UK:  

Undergraduate: 3-4 years 

Masters: 1 year 

PhD: 3-4 years+  

The USA: 

Undergraduate: 4 years 

Masters: 2 years 

PhD: 5-7 years+ 

  • Academic Term: 

The UK: 



The USA: 

Mid to late August 

End of November 

  • Top universities: 

The USA, with a more significant number of top universities worldwide, takes first place. Whereas the UK takes the second place. 

  • Course Structure: 

The UK: 

The course focuses only on your chosen specialism 

Systems have optional modules for the students to choose from 

The USA: 

Students can explore multiple subjects before confirming their major. 

No optional modules are present in the course. 

  • Admission & Application Procedure: 

The application process is the initial stage of studying abroad. Students can get tense if anything goes wrong with their application process. Let us see how these two different countries have their admission procedure.   

  • No. Of Universities: 

Students can apply to a maximum of 5 universities in the UK. At the same time, universities in the USA can apply to more than 15.  

We recommend students apply to 6 to 8 universities in the USA to avoid complexities. 

  • Application Process: 

The UK: 

Universities provide an easy and quick application process.  

The USA: 

The application process for the USA universities takes more time and is very complicated. 

  • Application Submission: 

The application can be submitted through the UCAS portal for multiple universities in the UK. In the USA, different application needs to be submitted for every university. 

  • Personal Statement: 

The UK: 

Only one general personal statement is enough while applying. 

The USA: 

Student needs to submit different personal statements for every university in the USA.  

  • Admission Acceptance: 

The UK: 

Students are accepted unconditionally only if their exams are over and the results are published.  

The USA: 

An unconditional offer is provided even before the exams are over. 

  • Marks Needed: 

Only Grade 9 and Grade 12 marks are needed to get admission to UK universities. But the USA universities require scores from Grade 9 to Grade 12. 

  • Tuition Fee and Accommodation: 

The cost of living and paying your tuition fee is one of the deciding factors for students who wish to travel to the UK to study. 

  • Tuition Fee: 

Due to the less duration of courses, UK universities have a lower fee structure when compared with the USA. 

  • Fee Limit: 

The UK: 

The fee structure is reviewed and set by the UK government 

The USA: 

The government has little / no control over the tuition fee. 

  • Accommodation Costs: 

The UK has fewer accommodation costs when compared with the USA as the duration of the courses is less in the UK. 

  • Accommodation Option: 

The UK: 

Students can book Student halls provided by the universities easily. 

It can be either an individual room or a shared room 

The USA: 

After the detailed application process, students can stay in a sorority/fraternity (large house with a group of students) 

The dormitories need to be shared with other students. 

  • Food: 

Food is self-catered at the dormitories in the UK universities, whereas the USA universities have full dining options. 

  • Exams & Grades: 

UK and US universities provide courses that require reading and assignments. 

  • Teaching: 

The UK: 

Lecture-based teaching focuses on seminars and workshops. 

The USA: 

Teaching emphasises breadth and requires weekly reading. 

  • Assessments: 

UK and the USA universities assess the students based on essays, research papers, oral presentations, etc. 

  • Assignments: 

UK universities provide assignments occasionally, whereas US students get weekly or biweekly appointments. 

  • Final Grades: 

The UK: 

The final exam plays a significant role. 

The USA: 

The final grade is provided majorly on the variety of assignments given. A small percentage of the final exam results is also taken into account. 

  • Post Graduation: 

After completing the studies, the UK seems more welcoming to students than the USA. 

  • Visa Process: 

The UK: 

Point-based system 

Lengthy Process 

Much Easy 

The USA: 

Have more requirements 

Complicated process 


  • Stay Back Policy: 

After graduation, students can stay in the UK for up to 2 years until they find a job. But the USA provides only three months to get a job. 

  • Visa after Graduation: 

The UK: 

Two years of post-study work visa 

The USA: 

1-year Optional Practical Training. 

STEM candidates may get up to 3 years 

  • Work Permit: 

An organisation or company sponsorship is needed in the USA to get a work permit. It is optional in the UK. 

  • Housing: 

Housing in the USA is very much expensive when compared with the UK. 

  • Paying Tax: 

The UK provides a progressive tax system, whereas the income tax is higher in the USA. 

It’s a wrap!! There is no final answer to which country is best for studying, as it depends on various factors. Both countries provide good education and have their wages and disadvantages. If you choose the USA or the UK for study, consider all the elements ironed in this article. To make a wise decision on studying abroad, take care of all the above aspects and have a general idea about the education system, which will help you to make the final call. If you get stuck at any step or have any doubts or questions about choosing a country like the USA or the UK for study, feel free to contact us! We have helped several students to select their most-suited career choices!

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