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How to ace your credibility interview UK


As a student aspiring to study in the UK, you will be on cloud nine once you receive your offer letter from your dream university for the chosen course. But the actual process of your admission starts after that.  

After accepting your offer and paying the initial deposit for your course, the university will conduct an interview called credibility interview UK. It is also called a pre-CAS interview. The university will issue the CAS (Confirmation for Acceptance of Studies) only if you clear the credibility interview UK. Remember that you need CAS to apply for your student visa. 

Why credibility interview UK is necessary? 

The primary purpose of the credibility interview UK is to determine whether you are a genuine student and to assess your English proficiency skills. It helps the university and the Home Office determine whether the students' intention to study in the UK is honest. 

Generally, the credibility interview UK is conducted via online video calls (Skype, Zoom, etc.). In rare cases face to face interviews are conducted. It will be conducted for 20-30 minutes by anyone from the university admissions office. 

How to Ace Your Credibility Interview UK

What details are needed? 

You will be asked questions to assess your motivations and intentions to study in the UK. Below are the common topics to be covered in the credibility interview UK. 

  • Education background 
  • Short-term and long-term career plans 
  • Travel history (for the UK as well as other countries) 
  • Financial support information 
  • Family background 
  • Reason to study in the UK rather than your home country 
  • Details about the university and the course that you choose to study in the UK 

Will there be a second interview? 

The transcripts of your answers from the initial credibility interview UK conducted by the university representative will be sent to the immigration officer. There is a chance of a second credibility interview UK to be conducted by the Home Office after submitting your visa application. In such cases, you may be asked more in-depth questions about your course details, visa application, documents, etc. 

Some tips for your credibility  interview UK: 

If you want to successfully get your CAS and student visa, you must prepare well and clear your credibility interview UK. The results of your credibility interview UK can either make or break the chances of studying in the UK.  

To crack your interview successfully, we have given some essential points you must note. They are: 

1. Check your gadgets & surroundings before the interview: 

Have a stable internet connection and avoid network fluctuations. Get your mobiles and laptops fully charged beforehand. Make sure to have a noise-free background. 

2. Inform about technical issues, if any: 

After the start of the credibility interview UK, if you face technical difficulties or cannot hear the interviewer properly, let them know immediately.  

3. Be professional: 

Dress formally and give the answers professionally. Speak confidently and fluently. 

4. Answer precisely and specifically: 

Avoid generic responses and speak specifically about your course details. Explain how the course aligns with your career goals. Be precise and spot-on with your answers. 

5. Provide genuine and honest answers: 

Be clear about your objectives and provide honest answers that align with your documents and career goals. Your answers should be supported with facts. 

6. Know the responsibilities of a student visa holder in the UK: 

Check the UK government website and learn about the do's and don'ts of a student visa holder in the UK. Be aware of your responsibilities as a student in the UK. 

7. Avoid mentioning dual intentions: 

Refrain from discussing the post-study work plans in your credibility interview UK. It may give the impression that you intend to live and work in the UK rather than study. Discuss getting high-paying jobs in your home country. 

8. Research all details about your course and university: 

Research entirely about the system and the university that you have chosen. Gather all the details about your course modules, credit points, university facilities, location of your study, etc. 

9. Explain your financial status clearly: 

You should be clear and transparent about your financial situation. Know about everyday expenses, accommodation costs, tuition fees, etc. In the UK. 

10. Practice well before attending the interview:   

Write down some of the potential questions that may be asked in the interview and practice answering them. Also, practice giving a self-introduction about yourself. Get assistance from your friends or family or even from professional trainers. 

Even though the credibility interview UK is common among universities, it's better to check with your chosen university regarding the requirements and process for a safer side.  A successful credibility interview means a successful enrolment of the student at the university along with a thriving student visa application.  

We have provided enough information about the credibility interview UK.  These guidelines and tips will help you prepare for your credibility interview.

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