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Exploring UK culture and traditions: must-see destinations for international students in the UK 


Hello friends! We are back again with a new topic which will entertain you. 

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Yes! We will discuss the UK culture for international students in the UK. In addition, we will discuss the places you should always visit while you are in the UK. Let's jump to our topic! 

We all know that higher education in the UK allows you to broaden your knowledge, push your horizons and improve your professional and personal lives. 

International students in the UK may find the British culture, traditions and language very new. 

Even though you will eventually learn through experience, it is better to have background knowledge about it. There is nothing wrong with knowing beforehand about a new place you will call home for at least a few years. 

Cultures and Traditions in the United Kingdom: 

The rich customs and traditions of Britain are famous across the world. Most of them are associated with the Royal family, enormous tea drinking and good manners, not to mention the James Bond movies and Beatles music. 

The UK combines the traditions and cultures of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. International students in the UK should be aware of the significant customs followed in the UK, which will help to blend in with the British people. 

1. Traditional Celebrations: 

The United Kingdom has so many traditional celebrations throughout the year. More than 40% of the English people follow Christianity under the Church of England. Other than the common festivals like New Year and Christmas, some are unique in the UK. They are as follows: 

  • Trooping the Color – Celebrate the Official Birthday of the late Queen 
  • Remembrance Day – Known as Poppy Day, it pays homage to the dead soldiers of the First World War 
  • Boxing Day – An extension of Christmas Day known for watching sports and sales with offers. 
  • English Cheese Rolling – Takes place on the spring bank holiday  
  • Maypole – Signifies community gatherings 
  • Cornish Hurling – Annual event played with a small silver ball 

must see destinations for international students in the UK

2. The Monarchy: 

One of the famous English Traditions includes the British Monarchy and the ruler of England. For more than 1000 years, the royal traditions have been respected as a part of UK culture. The Royal family plays a significant role in the UK government system.  

The two crucial things in the British Government are the Crown and the Parliament. The King of England will sign off all the laws passed by the British Parliament. The Crown refers to the British Monarchy as a whole. 

The Royal Family is a significant tourist attraction for people visiting the UK. International students in the UK are fascinated by the media’s portrayal of the glamorized image of the royal family. Who doesn’t love a good fairytale and believe in happily ever after? 

3. Social Etiquette: 

International students in the UK should be aware of some of the basic social norms about the British People as follows: 

  • Greetings – In business or social meetings, the greeting is done with a firm handshake and a smile, including children. If the person is a well-known friend or a family member, they greet by kissing on the cheek. Physical touch looks odd if you do not know the person you are greeting. 
  • Punctuality – British people are strict when it comes to time. Being late is considered rude and disrespectful. If you expect a delay, you should inform your host beforehand. 
  • Addressing – Similar to greetings, Brits like to be addressed by their first name only if the person knows them very well. Else they should be called using their last name with appropriate titles. It applies to written communication as well. 

4. British Cuisine: 

The tradition of any country is incomplete without food. Similarly, British food has its spotlight with many traditional dishes. One important thing that comes to your mind when considering English Cuisine is tea and biscuits. 

It's no wonder you think like this. Because the English people drink more than 35 billion cups of tea yearly, don't forget the exquisite biscuit varieties accompanying their tea. Who knows? Maybe the art of "dunking" was invented by the Brits.  

Below are some very popular dishes in British Cuisine that international students in the UK should try at least once. 

  • Fish and Chips 
  • Typical English Breakfast – Having eggs, bacon, sausage, vegetables, beans and bread 
  • Sunday Roast – with roasted meat and vegetables 
  • Yorkshire & Black Puddings 
  • Shepherd & Cottage pies 
  • Beef Wellington 
  • Trifle and Jam Roly Poly for desserts 
  • Bangers and Mash – a combination of sausages and potatoes 

5. Literature: 

Even a child could recognize two names when you think of English poets and writers. William Shakespeare and J.K. Rowling. The former was a historical playwriter whose romantic plays like Romeo & Juliet and Hamlet are famous worldwide.  

The latter is famous for her fantasy book series in the twentieth century – Harry Potter. What you have not known is the UK is home to countless writers, poets, playwrights and storytellers. Below are some of the well-known, most influential authors of the UK. 

  • William Wordsworth 
  • Charles Dickens 
  • Lewis Carroll 
  • Roald Dahl 
  • Salman Rushdie 

6. Music: 

Movies and music are significant entertaining opportunities for international students in the UK. Music concerts are widespread in the UK, and some of the most iconic music events in the world are conducted here. The British culture has a vibrant and diverse music scene that dates to centuries.  

The UK is world-famous for individual music artists and bands who have won many international awards. Also, their music has a significant impact on the global music industry. Some are as follows: 

  • The Rolling Stones 
  • The Beatles 
  • The Spice Girls 
  • Coldplay 
  • Adele 
  • Harry Styles 
  • Ed Sheeran 
  • Billie Eilish 

7. Movies and Television: 

Television in the UK plays a significant role in British Culture with its rich history. No one can ignore the BBC (British Broadcasting Company) when considering UK television. It is one of the largest broadcasters of news in the world and is more than 100 years old. It offers television and radio channels across the globe.  

Similarly, the movie industry in the UK has a rich history of producing several critically acclaimed movies through the centuries. Do you know that world-famous detectives Sherlock Holmes and James Bond are British? 

Below are some of the classic Television series and movies in the UK which left a lasting impact on audiences. 

  • Doctor Who 
  • Blackadder 
  • Downtown Abbey 
  • Lawrence of Arabia 
  • The Third Man 
  • The Favourite 

With its well-established broadcasting industry, several networks and channels are offered to international students in the UK. The media industry continues to evolve in the UK with advanced technologies and provides various content from different platforms to its viewers.  

Best places to visit as international students in the UK: 

Being a student never means that you have to concentrate only on your studies. International students in the UK have attractive opportunities to explore the country's diverse culture and different landscapes. 

Let us begin with some of the places in the UK to explore: 

1. London:  

Being the capital of the United Kingdom, it is a melting pot of world cultures. It has some iconic landmarks, cathedrals and various tourist attractions. Some of the must-visit places in London for international students in the UK are: 

  • Buckingham Palace 
  • Kensington Palace (if you are Princess Diana’s admirer) 
  • Tower of London and London Bridge 
  • London Eye 

2. Cardiff:  

Cardiff is the capital city of Wales. It has a rich history and stunning landscapes. It has a rich Welsh heritage, thriving food and drinks, musical venues, etc. International students in the UK are attracted to the below spots in Cardiff: 

  • Cardiff Castle 
  • National Museum 
  • Cardiff Bay Barrage 
  • Roath Park 

3. Canterbury: 

This city is located in southeast England. It has stunning medieval architecture and is famously known for its association with the book The Canterbury Tales. This city has an interesting cultural heritage, fascinating attractions and historic charm. International students in the UK can visit the following places in Canterbury: 

  • Canterbury Castle 
  • Historic River tours 
  • Dane John Gardens 
  • St. Augustine's Abbey 

4. York: 

York is one of the historic cities in northern England that attracts tourists with its stunning Gothic architecture. It is also famous for its well-preserved medieval walls dating back to the Roman Times. It is a must-visit destination for international students in the UK who would like to immerse themselves in the picturesque streets of this historic city. Some famous places here are: 

  • The Shambles 
  • York City Walls 
  • Clifford’s Tower 
  • National Railway Museum 

5. Liverpool & Manchester: 

Every football fan should have known these two names – Manchester and Liverpool. They are famous for their football clubs. In addition to that, they offer many artistic, historical and cultural attractions. They are thriving in art and music as well. International students in the UK are attracted here because of the following places: 

  • Manchester Art Gallery 
  • The Cavern Club 
  • The Royal Albert Dock 
  • The John Rylands Library 

In addition to the above cities, there are several tourist attractions in the UK. International students in the UK should always utilize their opportunity to visit the places below during their stay in the UK. 

  • Stonehenge – Ancient monument located in Wiltshire. It is considered a symbol of human history and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. 
  • Cheddar Gorge – This natural wonder of limestone cliffs and caves is in Somerset. The village Cheddar is world famous for its cheese production. 
  • Hadrian’s Wall England – Located in Northern England, this Roman-built wall depicts Roman engineering and military prowess. 
  • Punting at Cambridge – Enjoy viewing Cambridge's famous universities and beautiful bridges by riding along the river Cam. 
  • Lake District – Located in northwest England, it is known for beautiful lakes, mountains and landscapes. 

Your journey in the UK will only be complete if you visit a castle. Some of the famous castles in UK history that international students in the UK should never miss are: 

  • Windsor’s Castle – Official residence of the monarch located in Berkshire 
  • Alnwick Castle – Located in Northumberland, it is famous for its appearance as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movie series. 
  • Edinburgh Castle – With more than 3000 years of history, it is a symbol of Scottish power. 
  • Balmoral Castle – Private residence of the royal family for summer retreats 
  • Warwick Castle – The towers and forts of this castle depict medieval military architecture. 

The primary thing for international students in the UK to blend in with the UK culture is to be open and accepting. You may need time to overcome all the cultural and language barriers and cope with the new situation. 

We hope the above details regarding the UK culture and traditions will help you to settle as international students in the UK.  

Do as the Brits do when in Britain! 

Before going to the UK for your work or studies, go through the above details about the UK's culture, traditions and essential places.  

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