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Internship and job opportunities for Indian students in the UK 

Welcome back to our next blog! We understand you are eager to know what this blog will be about. 

Today we will detail one of the crucial parts of a student's life – internships and jobs.  

Yes! Internships and jobs occupy most of the university life of Indian students in the UK.  

The lifetime goal of any student will be getting a fantastic internship which will ultimately land them a good job. The UK has an advanced educational system that helps to find internships and job opportunities worldwide. A significant part of the English economy is comprised of industries like finance, banking, information technology, management, etc. Hence, many international students are attracted to the UK's multicultural and welcoming environment.

Also, most of the universities in the UK provide industrial internships and job opportunities to their students. We receive so many queries from Indian students in the UK asking for guidance about the internship and job opportunities available to them in the UK. If you are already an Indian student in the UK who is about to graduate, this article will help you know about internships and jobs in the UK. 

Internship and job opportunities for Indian students in the UK - an ultimate guide to exploring your prospectus

What is an internship?  

Internships are short-term employment opportunities provided to students after the final year of their bachelor's or master's course. It helps the students to use their theoretical skills in a professional environment. It enables the students to identify whether they are on the right career path. Internship options are vast for Indian students in the UK. It provides complete learning and permanent hiring opportunities.

Some students complete multiple internships during their time in university. Based on your employer, internships can be paid or unpaid. However, Indian students in the UK should choose paid internships. It helps students to make professional connections to get job offers. Even if you do not secure a job role, you can still get professional training which cannot be taught in a classroom. In addition to helping students to prepare for their respective careers, internships help employers to find talented students.  

Let us discuss more regarding the internship opportunities for Indian students in the UK. 

Internship  and placements: 

We find many Indian students in the UK are not aware of the difference between work placements and internships. Some of the significant differences between them are: 

  • Placements are a part of the university degree. Internships are done outside of the university.  
  • Academic credits are provided for the placement training. Internships do not necessarily provide it.  
  • The duration of the placements will mostly be one year. However, according to the roles and responsibilities, internships may last for either a few weeks or a few months.  
  • Students do their placement training during the final year of their course. But anyone can take internships at any time. 

Benefits of internships: 

The internship experience will boost your resume and help you secure a well-paying job relevant to your degree. It does not matter whether you pursue a paid or unpaid internship. Let us see what other benefits internship brings for Indian students in the UK: 

  • Gain industry experience  
  • Improve your resume  
  • Extra source of income  
  • Understanding of work culture  
  • It improves your confidence and eases your study-to-work transition  
  • Provides real-life examples of attending job interviews  
  • Test out your career path  
  • Fuel your desire to work  
  • Develop your soft skills as well as technical skills  
  • Expand your professional connections  
  • Secure a permanent job 

Best job opportunities available for students : 

The UK has an international business hub which contributes to its largest economy. Hence, many international students are moving to the UK for higher studies, potentially earning them a good job.  

The world-renowned universities in the UK cater to the higher educational needs of Indian students in the UK and make them the most employable graduates in the world. You should know the employment prospects if you seek a job as an international student in the UK.  

Luckily, there are many job opportunities for Indian students in the UK. You may need to understand where to find them. Let's discuss the variety of jobs available to Indian students in the UK. 

1. Part-time jobs: 

  • You don't need to wait until your studies are completed. You can work while studying.  
  • With an international student visa, Indian students in the UK can work during their term time. However, students can work only for 20 hours per week. 
  • With time management and good organization, you can earn a certain income to cover some of your living expenses.  
  • Your job can be outside your course. No separate visa is needed to work part-time. 

2. Summer jobs: 

  • You can work during your summer holidays if you don't want to deviate your focus from your studies during the term.  
  • The student visa allows Indian students in the UK to work full-time during the vacation periods of the university.  
  • It is similar to part-time jobs. So many platforms are available in the UK to find a relevant summer job.  
  • Summer jobs also do not require a separate visa. 

3. Graduate jobs: 

  • You may be worried about your first full-time job right after university.  
  • After finishing your studies, you can switch to a work visa from a student visa if you secure a good job role.  
  • You must be sure that the job role meets the work visa requirements.  
  • A student visa will not be considered valid if you are working full-time. 

Eligibility to work for Indian students in the UK: 

International students are provided with the right to work in the UK after finishing their studies. Some of the options available are: 

  • Master's and doctorate graduates can apply for a post-study work visa. It will allow them to stay and search for a job in the UK for two or three years.  
  • Students should apply for a post-study work visa (also called a Graduate Route visa) before their student visa expires.  
  • After receiving a job offer from an approved employer in the UK, you can apply for a Skilled worker visa.  
  • You should provide all the required documents to switch to this work visa. A work visa permits you to reside for maximum five years in the UK. 
  • However, the duration of your work will be decided by the employer under whom you will work. 

Recruitment process in the UK and what is expected:  

Most employers design their recruitment process to choose the perfect intern or full-time employee they are looking for. Below are some of the procedures Indian students in the UK must expect to do to get an internship or job opportunity. 

  • Online application forms  
  • Resume   
  • Cover letter  
  • Technical Assessments and interviews  
  • Game-based assessments  
  • Psychometric tests  
  • One-to-one interview 

Even if you have strong English skills and good academic results, you may be required by employers to showcase other range of skills and competencies such as: 

  • Communication  
  • Teamwork  
  • Problem-solving skills  
  • Time management  
  • Taking the initiative and many more 

How to find student internship or jobs?  

Indian students in the UK can look for internships and job opportunities through their universities. In addition, you should start searching for internships and jobs earlier and use every resource to help you. Let us look into the common ways to find internships and job opportunities in the UK. 

1. University Career Center

Most UK universities have a career centre or a placement cell. They provide interview training, application tips, job counselling, and other resources job seekers require. Internships gained through them are more likely to provide academic credit to Indian students in the UK. And those internships are also more likely to become a permanent job. 

2. Friends and Family: 

Your friends and family working/studying in the same field as yours can guide you in getting internships and applying for jobs. Below are a few people who can serve as potential internship/job leads. 

  • Former employers 
  • University faculties 
  • Department administrators 
  • Mentors 
  • Trainers 

3. LinkedIn groups: 

We all know that LinkedIn is an application meant for professional networking. Various requirements related to internships and jobs are posted every day. Indian students in the UK can use this platform to find suitable internships. They can also get good job roles according to their profile with a decent salary. 

4. Internship/Job finding Platforms: 

In the UK, there are some popular portals dedicated to listing reliable internships and job opportunities. Indian students in the UK can make use of such portals and websites. Some of them are as follows: 

  • Milkaround 
  • Target jobs 
  • Student Circus 
  • Indeed 
  • Jobsite 
  • Monster 

5. Local companies and Businesses: 

You can directly contact the local companies to apply for internships. They may provide hidden benefits, saving you money on travel and housing. It also helps you to develop your relationship with the local community. It will help you to land permanent job roles as well. 

6. Government-authorized resources: 

Government-authorized websites like have the latest information about full-time and part-time jobs, internships, etc. Students can check and make use of it. You can also approach the approved recruitment agencies to find jobs easily. 

7. Social media platforms: 

Last but not least! The 21st century is nothing without social media. Every organization, let it be small or big, mandatorily has a social media account. Day-to-day details, including employment opportunities, are updated on social media, which may be helpful for Indian students in the UK to find a job or an internship. 

Tips to secure internships and jobs: 

Like everything, getting an internship or a job takes a lot of work. It requires good planning to walk through the process. Here are some tips for Indian students in the UK to find a perfect job or internship based on their profile: 

1. Apply early and widely: 

  • Start searching for internships and employment earlier  
  • Get help from friends or other people who already have an internship or a job in the UK.  
  • Ask the organization about the opportunities before submitting your application  
  • Review and revise your application carefully and make it look more polished.  
  • Ask help from your professors to make an impressive application for jobs and internships. 

2. Update your resume: 

  • Take more time and plan your resume to be effective and professional  
  • Tailor your resume according to the company's requirements   
  • Don't hesitate to mention your accomplishments and special activities.  
  • Mention your attributes, highlighting your character. It will make your application to be unique  
  • Get help from your university placement cell to boost your resume 

3. Have a unique cover letter: 

  • Create a new cover letter for each internship/job application highlighting your professional, personal and academic attributes.  
  • Know the details of your employer and update your cover letter based on their organization.  
  • Stand out from other candidates by listing your extra-curricular and voluntary work experiences.  
  • Confidently let them know your strengths and explain how they will benefit both parties.  
  • Revise your cover letter multiple times to avoid grammar and spelling mistakes. 

4. Build your portfolio: 

  • You must build a portfolio to exhibit your skills if you work in fields like arts, writing, construction, fashion, journalism, etc.  
  • Create a digital portfolio to show your seriousness about the job.  
  • Provide access to your previous works by highlighting the best ones.  
  • Mention your goals, interests and skills.  
  • Provide a statement explaining how you are dedicated to that particular field.  
  • Mentioning the awards and honours you received will make your portfolio stand out. 

5. Prepare well for your interview: 

  • Interviews are the final step to getting a job. Interviews require deep knowledge and up-to-date information about the field you are studying/working in.  
  • Punctuality is the key to any interview. So, keep up with your time.  
  • Research the organization and the job role that you are applying for. It will demonstrate your dedication.  
  • Display professionalism by wearing appropriate outfits and by communicating politely and clearly.  
  • Prepare some questions about your job/organization to ask at the end of the interview. It will make the employers think that you are more interested in the job role you are applying for.  
  • Practice for your interview multiple times to get success. 

Getting a good job is difficult in this competitive world. After receiving a degree, finding a good job is affected by various things like education level, talent, industry, global economy, etc.  

Even though there is fierce competition in the UK job market, many employment alternatives are available to Indian students in the UK.  

So do not worry! Your options are not constrained. The UK offers a lot for the international student communities.  

Indian students in the UK can take up internships to give an extra edge to their profile to land their target jobs.   

After all, making some extra money through paid internships will never hurt. It may also result in a permanent career path.  

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