Safest student destination in UK

Safest Student Destination In The UK - 2023

Choosing to study abroad is a big decision. It is important to gather information about all your favourite study destinations, including how safe they are, before finalising one. I hope our previous blog about the advantages of the UK education system can guide you if you are choosing to study and live in the UK. Thousands of students from around the world come to study and live in the UK every year. This makes the UK one of the most popular study destinations in the world. Personal safety is one of the significant factors to consider when choosing a foreign country to study in. Because you will be thousands of kilometres away from your home in a completely new environment, The good news is that the UK is considered one of the safest countries in the world. If you need clarification about which cities will be safer for students to study and live in the UK, this blog will help you.

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1. Cities in the UK: 

1.1 The UK is renowned for its academic excellence and has:

  • world's top universities
  • Internationally approved courses
  • Better career prospects
  • good work-life balance


1.2 Some of the important considerations that a student will have when choosing a university and a city in the UK are:

  • Affordability: tuition fees and living costs
  • quality of the university
  • Course options 
  • Transportation 
  • Social Life 
  • Part-time job opportunities

Let us explore some of the best cities for students to live in the UK safely and what they offer.

2. Leicester: 

  • Being the 10th largest city in the UK, Leicester has a wide range of cultural backgrounds and a wider metropolitan area.
  • This diversity brings a mix of cuisines and shopping experiences comparable to those in London.
  • With a peaceful community, Leicester boasts some of the best architectural masterpieces, sports arenas, picturesque venues, etc.
  • The central location of Leicester makes it easy to access other major cities and international airports for students who live in the UK.
  • Leicester's well-equipped and efficient transportation systems connect all the local and significant locations and provide safe travel for the students.

2.1  Academic Opportunities: 

  • Leicester has an excellent educational environment.
  • It can be considered a student city because of the vast student population and the presence of some prominent universities.
  • The universities in Leicester offer career and employability support, which assists students living in the UK in finding their dream job.
  • The nationally renowned universities in Leicester are regarded for the quality of their teaching and research facilities.
  • Arts and culture thrive in Leicester, with numerous galleries, museums, and theatres.

2.2 Career Opportunities: 

  • Leicester is one of the best places to find work and has been named among the start-up hotspots in the UK.
  • It has the largest economy and is named the top-performing city in the East Midlands of the UK.
  • Leicester provides various part-time job opportunities for students who live in the UK. This helps them improve their work ethic when getting full-time employment.
  • Leicester has principal offices for some famous companies, which adds to the employment prospects.
  • The employer network in Leicester connects the students who have completed their studies with highly skilled jobs.

Leicester has been ranked in the top ten "affordable student cities" based on the students' cost of food, rent, and other living costs. This attracts many students who live in the UK to Leicester. With London being 1 hour away, Leicester finds itself an attractive and affordable city to live in the UK for young graduates and professionals.

3. Derby: 

  • Derby is considered one of the world’s oldest cities, known for its employability, architectural design, and diversity.
  • More than 100,000 students come to Derby every year. Hence, Derby has a significant amount of overseas student population.
  • Derby, being located in the heart of the United Kingdom, makes travelling to other cities safe and easy for students who live in the UK. Students can feel safe and find everything within walking distance.
  • It is known to be a city with great community spirit and has a rich history and modern facilities.
  • International students who live in the UK can enjoy a variety of museums, entertainment venues, sightseeing spots, etc., in Derby.

4. Academic Opportunities: 

  • Derby is considered one of the safest student destinations in the UK, with good-ranking universities.
  • Derby is considered a reasonable student destination because the motto of the universities here is "real-world learning."
  • Students who graduate from the universities in Derby have a higher average salary than students from other parts of the UK.
  • The universities in Derby have invested a lot of money to provide some of the best facilities for their students.
  • The universities are famous for providing industry-related degree programmes. They offer unparalleled opportunities for students to gain work experience alongside their studies.

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5. Career Opportunities: 

  • The universities in Delaware collaborate closely with the companies so that the students who live in the UK get a good start in their careers.
  • The universities here conduct many employer and volunteer events throughout the year. This attracts many famous organisations to employ the students.
  • Derby is seen as a centre for advanced transportation manufacturing. It is home to some of the world's most famous aero-engine manufacturing companies.
  • Students can get three-year career support and guidance from their respective universities in Derby, even after completing their course.

Derby comes in the top 10 regarding the safest places for students to study and live in the UK. For Indian students who want to keep their living costs low while gaining a degree, Derby is one of the best places to come. It is a great, affordable place to live. The opportunities provided here for the students support their ability to thrive and achieve.

6. Coventry: 

  • Coventry is the second-largest city in the West Midlands region and is well-known for its warm and pleasant environment.
  • It has a good student population, making up more than 8% of the city’s population.
  • Being one of the liveliest cities in England, it possesses a wide variety of arts and culture, earning the title "city of culture."
  • Coventry provides various sports, cultural, and social events to choose from, and different university buildings are within easy reach for the students.
  • Due to its location, Coventry provides a high standard of living and safe access to other parts of the country for the students who live in the UK.

7. Academic Opportunities: 

  • Coventry is home to some top-ranking universities with proud traditions and a modern approach to learning.
  • Students can find the most diverse course offerings in the universities at Coventry compared to other UK universities.
  • The universities provide many English language and research courses.
  • Also, there are hundreds of bachelor's and master's degree options and PhD opportunities for students who like to study and live in the UK.

8. Career Opportunities: 

  • Coventry is considered the "land of cars," with many top companies manufacturing their luxury cars in Coventry.
  • This provides an enormous opportunity for employment in the automobile industry for the students who live in the UK.
  • Universities in Coventry provide students with placements in some of the world’s best companies.
  • The graduate employment rate is more than 90% in some Coventry universities.

The cost of living in Coventry is slightly lower than the UK average, and hence it is regarded as one of the more affordable cities for students to live in the UK.

It provides an affordable and safe social life. Coventry's charm and most enormous student population make it one of the top cities for Indian students to live in the UK.

9. Greenwich: 

  • Greenwich, located in south London, is one of the most attractive places to live. It is rich in culture and has a steep history.
  • Beautiful architecture, spacious parks, and the Royal Observatory make it suitable for anyone who wants both rural and urban ways of living.
  • It is famous for lending its name to the Greenwich median and the Greenwich mean time.
  • It is located only 5 miles from London City Centre and offers a wide range of bus and train facilities for students to transport themselves.
  • Students can safely reach any of the universities in Greenwich through public transportation.

10. Academic Opportunities: 

  • Greenwich has many highly respected schools and universities, with  as good or outstandexcellent
  • It has a huge international student population from more than 100 different countries.
  • The universities provide a range of intellectually stimulating academic courses and offer an in-depth understanding to the students.
  • Students will be able to experience cutting-edge research classes taught by leading researchers and can use the world-class facilities provided by the universities.
  • Support is provided to the students to develop their skills for careers in academia, research, and industry.

11. Career Opportunities: 

  • In Greenwich, business service sectors like IT and communications are fast growing. The universities in Greenwich provide an increasing number of local job opportunities for the students who live in the UK.
  • Currently, tourism, manufacturing, retail, and the creative industries are thriving in Greenwich with a rise in digital media. This provides a lot of job opportunities for graduates.
  • Universities fund their students to go abroad while studying so that they can graduate with higher grades and are considered to be more employable.
  • Universities here provide 3-month internships to their students in offices and organisations across Greenwich. Customised training can also be obtained by students who live in the UK at local firms.

Even though it is less expensive when compared with London, some areas in Greenwich may be known for their high cost of living. Yet, students can find affordable and safe regions of Greenwich to live in the UK.

By living in Greenwich, students can enjoy a vibrant mix of places to visit safely, and quietly and have a good experience at the food market. They will be able to have everything at their doorstep.

12. London: 

  • London, the capital of the UK, is one of the most exciting places for students to study and live in the UK.
  • In London, more than 300 languages are spoken by people from around the globe. They have created London as a thriving, multicultural city.
  • London's vibrant and diverse community of international people makes the students explore and enjoy.
  • London has a number of museums, palaces, theatres, restaurants, etc., so the students can make their weekend more entertaining.
  • The transport system in London is another gem of the city. Underground train systems and buses running across London make transportation easy for the students who live in the UK.

13. Academic Opportunities: 

  • London has many world-famous universities and colleges. It is home to more than three of the top 50 universities worldwide.
  • Universities here provide numerous advanced courses and are well known for their teaching excellence.
  • Over 100,000 students from over 150 countries study and live in the UK.
  • Many academic and research institutes are available for students to help them in their studies, research, and future careers.
  • London boasts around 120 libraries with more than 100 million books. Every year, new book collections are added to the libraries.

14. Career Opportunities: 

  • The headquarters of many UK and international organisations are based in London.
  • London, being the world's financial capital, provides numerous employment opportunities and various scholarships for international students.
  • The students in London can work part-time, volunteer, or organise internships easily because of the growth of various businesses in London.
  • This experience helps them find career opportunities in the UK and other countries after completing their studies.

The expenses can be higher in London when compared with other cities. But the students will get an excellent experience in terms of both career and entertainment, which is worth every penny. With a strong community of Indian students, London is one of the best and safest cities for students to live in the UK. You asked, "Which are the safest places to study and live in the UK?" I've included our answers above. When choosing to study abroad, the location is as important as the course and university. What you learn in books is just the beginning. When you are not busy with learning, you will need a life. Shopping and socialising, enjoying high-profile sports, travelling to the countryside, seeing art and culture—all of these things you can enjoy only if you feel that you are in a safe place. There are many safe and affordable places where international students can study and live in the UK. We have shortlisted only a few, which were the most wanted by the students in the previous intakes. If you want to know more about the UK cities, top university in the UK, and courses offered, please contact any of our student counsellors through We will be more than happy to guide you through your study abroad dream!

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