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Worried about choosing the best International Education Consultancy:

Worried about choosing the best International Education Consultancy for processing your higher studies abroad???

Some may ask, why do you need to be assisted by someone to apply for higher education in abroad?

Well, there are loads and loads of steps and processes involved in applying for Higher Education. You definitely need to get it right in the first shot. Even a slightest error may cost you the chance of getting admitted in the university. This is where you need an Overseas Education Consultant.

Dolphin Education Consultancy, as one of the best Education Consultants, provides you with quality services, end-to-end assistance with higher education in abroad. We take immense pleasure in assisting you with your higher education processes and lay out the path towards your destined career. All our services related to higher educations are free except for Passport application assistance, IELTS Training and dependent VISA applications, if any dependents are accompanying you. In case if the candidates approach us for particular services, we do charge them for each and every services.

We have our parent company registered in the UK and incorporated in INDIA.

Our Certificates

  • British Counsil certified to send students to UK from all over the world
  • UCAS Certified
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Certified referral partner of IELTS


  • Career Counselling
  • Passport Application assistance
  • Document Verification
  • Course & University Selection
  • SOP Preparation Guidance
  • Resume Preparation Assistance
  • LOR Preparation Guidance
  • IELTS & Other English exam Training
  • Application Process
  • Assistance with offer Letter
  • ATAS application assistance
  • Visa / Credibility Interview guidance
  • Fee Payment Guidance
  • Fund Maintenace Guidance
  • CAS request processing
  • VISA Application assistance
  • Referral Bonus


First, our experienced team member will be conducting an initial counselling call with you explaining all the application processes involved in doing your higher education abroad.

We give you a clear idea of what's going on with the international education process!!


You do not have a passport? Don’t worry! We will assist you with making Passport application and make sure that you get your passport. We instruct you on the documents needed and prepare you for the passport interview and passport verification.
Make your passport application process an easy one with our international educational consultancy!


We will collect the list of documents needed for your admission process and based on those documents; we will create a profile for you.

No need to panic in gathering your documents. We are here to get it sorted out!


Based on the student’s profile we created, the best eligible courses and universities will be shared with you. As an International Educational Consultancy, we will only give priority according to your preference & eligibility on the courses & universities.

Choose your dream course and university with Dolphin Education Consultancy!


You will need to prepare a Statement of Purpose to let the university know your reason for doing higher studies abroad. We will help you prepare it by providing formats.

Confused in preparing your SOP? We got you covered!


Your resume plays an important role in your application process. So, you need to make sure that your resume is up to the mark. We make sure that all your contact details, academic and work information are UpToDate.

No need to worry about your documentation process. We are here to back you up!


Universities will need any two persons recommending you as an eligible candidate for your higher studies abroad. You will need to get the Letter of Recommendation from your academic / work supervisor.

Do not know what a LOR is? We will provide you the university accepting formats!


English qualification is mandatory for making applications to foreign universities. You may need to take English exams like IELTS, PTE, etc. To make yourself eligible to apply. We have expert certified trainers with us who will train you and prepare you for the exams. They will improve your English exam skills by providing mock tests. We are certified referral partners of IELTS. So, we not only train you but also help you to book your IELTS exam through us. Charges are applicable accordingly.

Need coaching for IELTS exams but no time to attend classes in person? Contact our expert trainers to schedule online classes and clear your exams in a jiff!


Once you confirm the course and university, our team will help you to make application for those universities. We will make application for more than one university so that we can have back up applications to avoid lost minute rejection. We will be constantly updating you about the application status from time to time.

Don’t know what type of application is needed for which university? We will take care of that and make successful admission process for you!


You may receive either conditional or unconditional offer letter from the universities. For conditional offer letter, we will guide you in meeting the conditions and help you to get unconditional offer. Also, we will assist you with the following processes like offer acceptance, fee payment etc.

Confused on getting a conditional offer letter? We will get you through it and make your offer unconditional.


For some specific courses you may be asked to provide ATAS (Academic Technology Approval Scheme) certificate. You may be overwhelmed with the list of documents and details needed to submit an ATAS application. Do not worry. We will help you to get ATAS certificate successfully.

Do not know how to apply and get an ATAS certificate? Contact us as we have made many numbers of successful ATAS applications.


Some universities do conduct credibility interviews through video calls. Also, after applying for visa, home office may want to interview you regarding your application. No need to worry if you have to attend one.

We have an immense experience in training the students for Credibility / visa interviews. We will provide you with all the possible questions that may be asked and make sure you are well prepared to face those questions. Our team of experts will train you by conducting a series of mock interviews.

No need to fear for attending interviews. We will make you well prepared to face all kind of interviews.


You may be having many doubts on how to make an international transaction for paying your course fee. Each university has a different process which will confuse you more. We will guide you to make easy and safe fee payment transactions and help you to update it to the university.

Get our assistance and make your international university fee payment safely by yourself online.


You must have got enough funds to support your studies and living expenses when you are going to study abroad. You may like to use money from your savings or to take out a loan as these funds are mandatory to get your CAS / Visa. We will assist you with how much money you will need and how fund maintenance should be done irrespective of which country / university that you have chosen.

Having double thoughts whether your fund maintenance letter will be accepted by the university / Home office? We will assist you in getting the documents in an approved format.


CAS- Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies from the university is mandatory for you to apply for a student visa. Once all the required procedures are completed, we will request for CAS from the university and assist you in all the procedures related to it.

Having doubts whether you are in the right path to get your CAS? We will help you to get it without a hitch.


There are various number of steps involved in making a student visa application. We will assist you in each step of visa processing and help you to make the visa related payments and appointment booking by yourself in an easy manner. 

We help not only in making Student visa applications, but also, we assist in Student Dependent visa application, post-study work visa, Lost BRP applications, etc. Charges are applicable accordingly.

We did not stop just with the applications. We will guide you with all the documentation works that are needed to be taken for a visa appointment.

Make use of our 100% visa success rate and apply for your student visa with us


Dolphin Education Consultancy provides you with referral Bonuses

  • 5000 rupees or 50 Pounds as referral bonus per candidate
  • 2500 rupees per VISA referrals
  • 2000 rupees referral bonus per student for IELTS training

Refer your friends with our international educational consultancy and get the exciting bonus offers

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