Indian students in the UK

What are the problems faced by Indian students in the UK? The best ways to overcome it! 

Every person dreams of going abroad for various reasons. For students, pursuing higher education drives them to go overseas and explore. The majority of Indian students specifically choose to study in the UK. The primary reasons that tempt and bring Indian Students to the UK are:  

  • Outstanding education
  • World-class universities
  • Wide range of courses, etc.

“Nothing worth having comes easy “– Theodore Roosevelt.  

 True to this saying, no matter where you go and what you do, you will have to face all the challenges thrown at you. The opportunity of travelling to a new country to pursue your higher education will make you happy. But you will also need to face the problems that come with it.  

 The decision to study in the UK will change your life for good. You will be privileged to access some prestigious universities in the UK and meet new people worldwide. You can immerse yourself in diverse cultures, cuisine, etc.   

 This never means that life is easy and comfortable for Indian students in the UK. They may have their struggles. Based on this, let us discuss some of the major problems faced by Indian students in the UK and how to overcome them.  



The struggle to find a perfect accommodation is enormous for Indian students in the UK. Indian students make up more than 9% of the international student population in the UK every year.   

The dream of getting into their dream study destination has become a struggle due to the accommodation crisis in the UK. The population density is higher around the areas where the universities are located. This makes student accommodation costly as well as challenging to get with.   

If the students book accommodations near the universities, it may be too tough on their pockets. Hence, they may be forced to find accommodation in the suburbs. This makes them travel a lot on public transport and tubes. Sometimes students are forced to postpone or cancel their admissions due to this crisis. When planning to study in the UK,

  • Please note the below suggestions provided by Indian students in the UK. 
  • Communicate with the universities to live in their student accommodations called "halls of residence."  
  • Pay a token amount to confirm your university accommodation after paying your tuition fee deposit.  
  • Get monthly or yearly passes if you book accommodation 5-20 miles around the university.  
  • Connect with former/senior students and relatives in the UK. As there is a strong Indian community in the UK, you may get some contacts to find a place.  

Indian students in the uk


A home is where you grow up wanting to leave and grow old wanting to return to. You will dream of going abroad for studies. But once the dream comes true, your heart will long for all the pampering you got at home. However, the feeling of being home had yet to be replaced. Your life will take a new turn and makes you learn to do everything from cooking and cleaning to going for a part-time job, all along with your regular studies. Managing everything may make you more dependent. The different time zone will make it harder to cope. Students will only be able to visit their homes sometimes. The separation from their family and friends for quite a long time is more troubling, especially for first-time Indian students in the UK. It may take weeks/months to get used to the new life. However, many universities help their students to overcome this issue.

       Below are some of the solutions:  

  • Get professional counselling from the respective department of the universities. University staff will help  
  • Have the courage to seek help and speak about your problems confidently.  
  • Various means of communication facilities in today's world make it easier to connect with close ones every day.  


Undoubtedly, you will excel in your academics by trying out new courses, learning methods, etc. But what about language and communication? Even though you have scored suitable in your IELTS or any other English exams, you will face a language barrier initially. Most countries like India have English as their second language for communication. Indian students in the UK will meet a vast difference in the tone, accent and way of speaking English. You will be used to the British accent gradually. It may sound challenging at the beginning. Make the most of the below options and make your study time exciting and interesting.  

  • Enrol for additional language courses  
  • Approach the language support service provided at the universities.  
  • Speak with other international and Indian students in the UK who are facing the same issues.  
  • Learn a few essential words from your host country so you will not feel alienated.  
  • Make friends with native speakers and communicate with them daily.  

 4. FOOD:  

There is no sincerer love than the love of food – George Bernard Shaw.  

Food is an essential part of every aspect of a human's life. Also, it is one of the major things that cause homesickness for Indian UK students far from home. You may be a foodie who likes eating out and trying new cuisines. If you are going to stay for an extended period in a foreign country, you will miss home food. The UK's multicultural food scene allows you to taste all the cuisines from every nook and corner of the world. Though you enjoy this experience initially, at some point, you will miss the homemade food. Considering the solid attachment to Indian cuisine and the high cost of take-out / restaurant food in the UK, students should know the points below. This will save their pockets and make them take advantage of home food.  

  •  Learn a few simple recipes that you love from your mom before leaving India (Staying away from home indeed teaches you a lot!!)  
  • Try to find Indian Grocery stores or local supermarkets with well-stocked ingredients from Asian countries / India.  
  • Buy vegetables and groceries from big supermarkets as they are lower and offer prices at deal prices.  
  • Visit the university cafeteria if you are getting good deals for lunch. Use a student card to get offers on and off campus.  
  • If you do not like cooking, find out the best deals from places like Tesco, Morrisons or other fast-food chains or buy pot noodles.  
  • Get instant masala packets to cook quickly and efficiently.  
  • Have a food-share dinner with your friends, with the added advantage of making new friends.  


You have willingly and happily enrolled yourself in a foreign university. But you may need help to adapt to your new environment physically and emotionally. Any of the below factors can provide discomfort when you move from your home country to another.  

  • Climatic conditions  
  • Time Zone  
  • New patterns of living  
  • Customs and Traditions  
  • Food and Cuisine  

  You may have looked over this beforehand. Even then, culture shock is still hard to avoid, especially for the Indian students in the UK, as they are from outside Europe.

 Follow the below points to overcome this issue:  

  • Try to blend with the host country and make friends   
  • Learn about their traditions and principles  
  • Talk to your friends who have already been there so that you can get accustomed.  


The common problem for  Indian students in the UK  is trouble integrating with the host country. It is because each comes from a different cultural and academic background. This makes it difficult for them to blend into a new culture. On the other hand, students may start to live with their cultural groups. So, they avoid thinking about integrating into a new culture. This may become a barrier when looking for jobs after completing your studies. It would help if you made some effort to avoid this problem.  

  • Universities have fully functional student clubs. Join them and make contact with new people.  
  • Make new friends who have the same interest as you.  


Indian students in the UK can be seen as outsiders in social and academic settings. Most international students are misunderstood about their home country's culture and are made a target of racial discrimination.  Students can experience this both on and off campus. However, the UK is a culturally diverse country with a harmonious society. This makes it one of the best places to live for students.  Universities also do not accept any form of discrimination and have strict rules and punishments. British law is also complicated for people who racially discriminate against others. This makes the Indian students in the UK to be at peace.  

 8. FINANCE   

Finance is the primary thing that can reduce or increase your burden. The UK has one of the most advanced economies in the world. Studying and living in the UK is a pricey dream for Indian students. Living in the UK, especially in big cities like London, Edinburg, etc., with reputable universities, is expensive. Budgeting the entire stay of study duration abroad may seem difficult for Indian students in the UK. Ensuring you have enough funds for your living and studying expenses is advisable. This will make all your study abroad process more accessible. To stabilise your financial situation, follow the points below and avoid last-minute hassles.  

  • Try asking for financial help from your parents/partners.  
  • Apply for scholarships. It may not be possible to get a full scholarship at the universities. However, a specific amount of your course fee can be deducted.   
  • Apply for educational loans and exchange programs.  
  • After reaching the UK, take part-time student jobs to cover part of your living and accommodation expenses.  
  • Know about the student discounts in the UK available for food, travel and accommodation.  

 Studying abroad is about something other than getting a degree on paper. You may do your higher studies in your native country. However, doing it in the UK will provide you with an excellent international experience which may be the best decision you will ever make.  

 Overall, it is an excellent choice for Indian students in the UK to get good knowledge, skills and experience throughout their study time. They also have great chances of getting employment opportunities post-study.  Do not let some difficulties scare you about your study abroad dreams. It is always a good idea to mentally prepare yourself, so you don't face any issues. All you need is to give a little push to move towards your dream. You will never know how much this decision will change your life for good. Contact our consultants at Dolphin Education Consultancy to make your study abroad dream a reality!

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