Higher education in the UK

Is processing admissions for higher education in the UK a complicated one???

It’s a yes and a no. It’s a yes when the admissions process for higher education in abroad is done all by your own and it’s a no when you seek assistance from an experienced educational consultant.

Dolphin Education Consultancy as one of the best UK educational consultants in India assists in the admissions process of candidates with the desire to pursue their higher education in the UK. Over the years of experience that we have, we make the UK admissions process easier for the candidates. Our experienced and trained team members are here to make sure that the admissions process is made as easier as possible. We are certified by British council to send students from all over the world to pursue their higher educations in the UK.

Some might not even know the very first step of the admissions process.
Well, this one is for you guys.
First you will have to make sure that all the documents needed for your UK admissions processes are ready and up to the standards set by the international universities. You will then have to select the right course from the list of your preferred universities. You will also have to asses a set of things before selecting a course, for example the role the course plays in your intended career path, Job opportunities available for you and more over you will have to consider whether you have a passion towards that particular course. Once the course has been confirmed, you will have to start making the applications and submit the same to the university.

University will get back by either accepting the application or rejecting the same. If the application has been accepted, you will receive a conditional offer letter, in which the conditions are listed and you will have to fulfil the conditions. Once all the conditions are met, you will be receiving an unconditional offer letter and you will have to make sure that the offer is being accepted. In case, if there is no response from the universities you will have to get in touch with the universities through mail or international call to the admissions team universities requesting the status of you application.

Some might even have to attend the credibility interviews conducted by the universities. The university expects that you have an idea and knowledge on what you are getting into. You must know about the course that you will be studying, about the university, the campus in which you will be having classes at, the teaching and assessment criteria for the course and course fee. You should be able to explain the interviewer on how much fee has paid till date for the course, your plans on choosing accommodations and how much your living expense will be in the UK. Once the interview is cleared, you will receive a mail saying that you have successfully cleared the credibility interview, after which you will be applying for the unconditional offer.

After you receive the unconditional offer letter you will have to make the initial fee payment to the university. Since it's an international transaction, will have to make sure that you follow certain procedures and once the transaction Is done, you will have to share the TT copy of the transaction to the university. With reference to the fee paid, you will have to apply for CAS – Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies, to be issued by the university, only with the help of this CAS, you will be able to apply for your Student VISA.

We know on what's running in your mind. You think that it’s a long shot. Well contact us now. We will make sure that your dream comes true.

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