Complete Guide About Passport Service Providers


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Getting a passport is crucial for a student aspiring to study abroad.

As a prospective international student, a passport will be required at various stages of your study abroad journey, including university admission, visa processing, etc.

In this blog, we are going to discuss passport service providers.


Passport service providers are the organizations or agencies that assist individuals in getting a new or renewing a passport.

These passport service providers are responsible for offering various services to expedite the passport application process. They make the passport application process faster and more convenient for the applicants.

Let us look in detail at the various types of passport service providers.

1.Government Passport Agencies:

These are the official government organizations responsible for issuing passports in a country. These organizations will have offices across various locations in the country. Such offices will offer standard and expedited passport services.

 For example, MEA, the Ministry of External Affairs, is India's passport service provider. It is responsible for the issuance of passports to Indian citizens within the country as well as outside India.

2.Post Offices:

Many countries have designated post offices where you can submit your passport application. These are the typical passport service providers that carry out standard processing services. You may need to book appointments to submit your application in person.

In India, the Ministry of External Affairs operates passport service provider offices called Passport Seva Kendra (PSK). Throughout the country, it has established a network of over:

  • 37 Regional Passport offices
  • 93 Passport Seva Kendras (PSKs)
  • 424 Post Office Passport Seva Kendras (POPSKs)

Outside India, there are over 190 Indian missions, and Posts serve as passport service providers.

3.Online Passport Application Services:

In this digital world, most countries offer passport services through online platforms. You can submit your passport application and all the supporting documents on those websites.

However, these online passport service providers may be associated with official government passport agencies like post offices. You may need to make an appointment and bring the original documents for verification.

Indian citizens can apply for a passport online through the official platform Passport Seva Online Portal. The same portal can be accessed through the mPassport Seva mobile app.

In these online passport service providers, you can register with your email ID and apply for a new / renewal of your passport. You can also access the complete details about passport application centres.

4.Third-party passport agencies:

Specific organizations and consultancies specialize in expediting the passport application process. Even though some are not authorized passport service providers, they help the applicants with documentation and submission of passport applications.

These passport service providers can charge an additional fee for their services. Notably, most of these are private companies and can only provide guidance.

The Ministry of External Affairs has authorized some Common Service Centers (CSCs) to act as passport service providers within India. These centres are primarily located in rural and semi-urban areas in India. They assist the applicants in submitting passport applications.

5.Travel agencies:

Some travel agencies offer passport application services along with their overall abroad travel packages. People who are likely to travel abroad for tourism or business through travel agencies may seek help from these passport service providers.

They can only offer guidance on the passport application process, make sure all the necessary documents are in order, and help book appointments. Before getting help from these passport service providers, ensure they are government-authorized and trustworthy.

6.Mobile Passport Units:

The Government has the authority to set up temporary passport offices or mobile units. This type of passport service provider is set up mostly in areas with limited / no access to the government passport service provider agencies.


If you choose a private passport service provider to support your application, you must consider several facts. Make your passport application process smooth and reliable with some of the below key considerations:

1.Legitimacy and Authorization:

Verify that the passport service provider you choose is legitimate and officially authorized by the Government's passport office.

2.Services Offered:

Enquire about all the services offered by your passport service provider. It may include documentation, submission, etc.


Look for reviews and testimonials about your passport service provider regarding reliability, efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Check whether the passport service provider has staff with experience and knowledge about the passport application process.

5.Communication and Support:

A reliable passport service provider should offer clear communication options and prompt responses to queries.

6.Security and Privacy:

Ensure that the passport service provider you choose follows strict data protection guidelines.

7.Transparency and Fee:

Seek transparency in the fee breakdown for every service offered and know the hidden costs involved.

8.Processing Time:

Consider if the passport service provider could meet your timeline needs. Clarify about their expected processing times.


Check the location of your passport service provider and their branches, if any. It will ease your accessibility if physical visits are required.

10.Refund policies:

In case of a change in your plans or unforeseen circumstances, check the passport service provider's refund and cancellation policies.


Since obtaining a passport can be difficult and time-consuming, students who intend to study abroad should start their passport application process as soon as possible. Choosing the best passport service provider is the first step to it.

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  • New Passport
  • Renewal of passport
  • Tatkal applications
  • Name/address / other details change in passport

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