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Education is considered one of the most potent weapons that a person may have. In India, it has become necessary for all to thrive and sustain. We believe that a well-educated person is the wealthiest person.  

For the past few decades, travelling to foreign countries like the UK for higher education is becoming increasingly popular. In such cases, students are seeking the help of UK education consultants. 

Studying in the UK requires a lot of paperwork and formalities. Students can get so much information about their overseas studies from the internet. However, you can only rely on the internet sometimes. In such cases, hiring UK education consultants will help you overcome the difficulties related to the admission process. 


The primary job of the UK education consultants is to provide guidance and support to students who aspire to study in the United Kingdom. They play a crucial role in helping the students overcome the complex processes involved in admission at UK universities. 

Below are some of the services offered by Dolphin Education Consultancy which make us unique from other UK education consultants: 

  • Career Counselling 
  • University & Course Selection 
  • Application Assistance 
  • Arranging documents 
  • Admission Guidance 
  • Guidance for English exams like IELTS, TOEFL, etc. 
  • Scholarship information 
  • Visa Guidance 
  • Update on policy changes  
  • Networking with the UK institutions 
  • Pre-departure support 
  • Post-arrival assistance 


While looking for the best UK education consultants in India, you must know that not all provide the same services. So, you must enquire about their services before finalizing the UK education consultants. 

We at Dolphin Education Consultancy have the below factors that make us stand out from the other UK education consultants: 

1.Strong Communication skills:

  • The first and foremost quality of the UK education consultants should be strong communication skills.  
  • UK education consultants at Team Dolphin have exemplary communication skills so that they can advise the best for you, considering all your concerns. 
  • They are patient and understanding as you decide about the course or university according to your interests. 

2.Experience and Qualification: 

  • Everybody would like to work with UK education consultants with a lot of experience in the field and suitable qualifications. 
  • Team Dolphin has UK education consultants knowledgeable about various countries and their admission processes. 
  • They can assist you with international scholarships and advise you about managing your study abroad.  

3.Staying relevant: 

  • The immigration rules of a country can be ever-changing due to its economic conditions and policies.  
  • The UK education consultants must keep up with the updated rules. 
  • Dolphin's UK education consultants are up to date with immigration policies and make sure you know about these rules during your admission process. 

4.Services Offered: 

  • Only some UK education consultants provide all the services related to the study abroad process. So, you must be sure that you get your needs satisfied. 
  • Our UK education consultants offer various services throughout the study abroad process – from career counselling to visa application. 
  • We ensure our services are tailored and customized for each student's needs and goals. 

5.Availability and Responsiveness: 

  • Dolphin Education consultancy has UK education consultants who are always available for support. 
  • They will be at a call's distance during your entire application process. 
  • Remember that they will be connected even after your admission and visa process to ensure you settle abroad comfortably. 

6.Client testimonials and Reviews: 

  • Researching client reviews before deciding on the UK education consultants will give you an insight into what it is like to work with them. 
  • Testimonials and reviews from our previous students will show you how excellent our UK education consultants are. 
  • Students currently studying and previously completed their course have provided excellent feedback about Dolphin Education Consultancy on multiple social platforms. 

7.Security and Safety: 

  • The security and safety of the students are the top priorities for the UK education consultants at Dolphin Education Consultancy. 
  • Our team is transparent about the admission process, fees and other services. We also have a 100% success rate in admission and visa processes. 
  • It will help you to protect yourself from fraudulent activities and other UK education consultants who make unrealistic promises. 


Choosing the right UK education consultants is the first step in studying in the UK. It is as important as choosing the right university and the right course.  

It would help if you researched the credentials and reviews of the UK education consultants before choosing. It will make a massive difference in your educational journey. 

Dolphin Education consultancy's decades of expertise and experience in this field have helped hundreds of students land their dream universities/courses. 

Your study abroad experience will be easy and painless with our proper assistance.  

We are 100% sure that whenever you look for UK education consultants, you will keep all the above points in mind and opt for Dolphin Education Consultancy to be the best. 

With our assistance, the sky will be your limit when finding success on your study abroad journey. 

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