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Hello readers! Our last article on online IELTS coaching would have significantly helped you.

So far, we have discussed topics related to higher studies in the UK or student life in the UK.

It may have been a bit boring for you.

For a change, why don’t we discuss something basic, like the passport services in India?

For every student dreaming of studying abroad, getting a passport is the first step in their dream journey.

A passport is mandatory for anyone who likes to travel outside India. The demand for passport services in India has increased significantly in the last decade. People are applying for passports to visit other countries for work, studies, business, medical treatment, tourism, etc.

A passport not only enables overseas travel but also serves as identity proof.

So today, let us discuss passport services in India.


The Ministry of External Affairs has the authority to issue passports in India. To meet the rising demand for passport services in India, MEA launched the Passport Seva Project (PSP). This project has created a nationwide networked environment between the government staff, postal and state police departments. It helps to verify the applicant's details, issue and delivery of the passport.

Under this project, the government has set up more than 500 Passport Seva Kendras nationwide. They have taken over the duty of regional passport offices. The regional passport offices handle more complex issues, appeals and some passport-related matters. 

In addition to the passport offices, there are around 90 Indian Embassies and 105 consulates abroad. Also, the PSP has set up call centres, data centres and passport service centres across the country. It has resulted in a simple, transparent and efficient process for passport services in India. 



The Ministry of External Affairs provides four different types of passports based on a person’s background. In addition to the below types, passports can be issued for different validity periods, such as five or ten years.

1.Ordinary Passport:

  • These passports are issued to ordinary individuals to travel to foreign countries. Its cover is dark blue.

2.Diplomatic Passport:

  • It is a maroon-coloured passport issued to senior government officials and Indian diplomats who travel to foreign countries on official duties.

3.Official Passport:

  • Official passports are issued to regular government officials who are white.

4.Orange Passport:

  • It is issued to people who have yet to complete their education beyond 10th grade.


1.Application Process:

  • You can apply for a new passport or renewal of your existing passport through the Passport Seva Website.
  • You can fill out the passport application form and submit it with the necessary documents to get passport services in India online.
  • If you want to proceed offline, you can download the application form, fill it in and submit it along with the required documents at your nearest passport office.

2.Appointment Booking:

  • Once you submit your application and have paid the fee, you can schedule an appointment at your nearest Passport Seva Kendra or Regional Passport Office.
  • If your application is submitted through online passport services in India, you can reschedule or cancel the appointment through the passport seva portal.

3.Document Verification:

  • You should visit the Passport Seva Kendra office to provide your documents on the scheduled date and time.
  • Your original documents will be verified, and self-attested copies of the documents will be collected. 
  • The required mandatory documents for passport services in India are:
    • Passport Application form
    • Address Proof
    • Photo ID proof
    • Proof of Date of Birth
    • Previous passport (For renewal applications)
    • Academic documents

4.Biometric Data Collection:

  • Your photograph will be taken during your appointment at the Passport Seva Kendra, and other biometric details like fingerprints are also collected.

5.Police Verification:

  • If your document verification is successful, your application will start processing.
  • As a part of the passport services in India, your profile will be sent to your nearest police station to confirm your identity and address.
  • In such cases, local police authorities may visit your residence to confirm.

6.Passport Issuance:

  • After successful police verification, the passport will be printed and issued.
  • Based on your preference, you may either collect your passport from the passport office, or it can be dispatched through postal service.

7.Tatkal Passport Services in India:

  • If you need a passport urgently, you can utilize the Tatkal passport services in India at an additional cost. 
  • Standard passport application will take at least 30 to 45 days processing time.
  • In Tatkal, you will get the passport in 1 or 3 days.

Passport services in India are relatively stress-free due to their digitalization and online transactions. It would be best if you were up-to-date about the passport regulations. To apply for a passport easily, you must carefully understand the rules about passport services in India.

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