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The UK – Why it is the best choice to study?

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In our last blog we have explained about the fact that the UK being one of the safest countries for students.

As the new visa rules are being updated, we will tell you the most important reasons of why to study in the UK. Some of the reasons may be purely academic. But in addition to the high-quality education, you will have a number of other reasons as below to study in the UK.


International students play a major part in British economy. Their numbers are gradually increasing every year. Hence, it is no wonder that the UK is considered to be second most popular student destination in the world.

Over 100-year-old traditions and excellence and a large number of educational institutions in every corner, international students are attracted to study in the UK.


The UK has a worldwide reputation for its higher education. The British universities are recognized for their creative and challenging learning environment for the students. This makes many of the intelligent students to decide to study in the UK.

The standards of the universities are assessed regularly by the QAA (Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education) to meet the modern requirements and to set the quality of education higher.



Most of the UK universities provide under-graduation courses for 3 years and post-graduation for 1 year. Whereas, most of the countries provide bachelor’s and masters for 4 years and 2 years respectively.

If you wonder, this doesn’t stop here. You have the option of choosing from part time and online courses as well. You can finish earlier, save money – what a great reason to study in the UK!


The short-term courses make higher education affordable for international students in the UK when compared with other European countries. Some of us may feel that the tuition and accommodation fee are costly for non-EU students.

However, UK is taking up new policies for visa and work opportunities to keep the country primary destination for the students to study.


Most of the UK universities offer scholarships and funding opportunities for international students to support them financially. Scholarships like Chevening, Commonwealth Masters, etc. encourages the students to study in the UK despite of the cost.


As per the rules by the UK government, students are allowed to take part time jobs during their course of study. It can be up to 20 hours per week during the term time of the university.

It may vary up to 40 hours per week during the holiday season. This is another reason for international students to study in the UK because they may be able to cover some of their living expenses.

Many universities provide optional placement option which creates an employment opportunity for students immediately after the graduation.


To stay competitive in the international education, UK has now reverted its post study work visa back. Students can stay in the UK for up to two years and seek for employment. Click here to know more about post study work visa.

The recent Tier 4 student visa route has made the process more streamlined for the international students to study in the UK.


The UK universities are globally recognized for their research activities. UK is considered to be the second leading country in science and research with more than 50% of its outputs are considered as world leading.

This makes the UK to be the top choice for international postgraduate students who want to be exposed to their subjects.


Students have the opportunity to undergo internships, work placements, volunteering and dissertations. This provides the students who study in the UK, creativity and confidence which is expected from the employers.

Now you must be bored on seeing everything related to education.

Let's see what the UK is offering its students on the fun side!!


You may be a big fan of movies, arts, theatrical plays, music or anything. Don’t forget that the UK has the best art and entertainment right near you. Art and culture are considered as the heart of the country.

Museums and exhibitions not only serve as an entertainment, many of them can inspire your study in digital media, data privacy, etc.


Yes!! The major part is here. You will never miss your home food in the UK. You can find multi cuisine restaurants in every corner which provides famous cuisines like Indian, Thai, Chinese, etc.

This doesn’t mean that adventurous foodies will be disappointed. You can taste the traditional British breakfast with bacon and eggs to the bread and butter pudding for dessert.

And don’t forget the world famous afternoon tea with scones, pastries, mini sandwiches, etc.


The UK is open to new traditions and cultures by embracing the ethnic and racial values of all. It has all religions and faiths making a diverse of cultures. This makes it great for the international students to study in the UK without any hesitation.


Having a great part in history, the UK has a variety of historical attractions like the London Tower bridge, huge cathedrals like St. Paul's. If this is not enough for you to entertain you have many castles and palaces like Buckingham palace to visit not only in the UK, but also in Ireland, Scotland etc.

Despite of its weather, UK has an abundant natural beauty with cliffs, sea shores and many more.


If you study in the UK, European countries are much easier to access than ever. You can reach world famous destinations like Italy, France, etc. in a matter of hours.

You have the option of taking planes. If you want to explore more in a budget friendly way, trains are also available.


The word sport in the UK will bring big names like Murray, Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson. Some of you may be the big fans of Manchester. It has wide range of sports other than football like Cricket, Rugby.

Who could forget the annual Wimbledon championships? You will definitely love Horse racing and equestrianism with the Queen herself being an avid fan.


Having seen the many reasons to choose to study in the UK, you should have now known the facts that support you during your student life. Not only UK is safer to study but also it provides a high-class education.

You have a lot to explore in the UK for studies, job, entertainment, etc.

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