Australian New Visa Policy

New Australian student visa policy

Have you ever wondered about the need for a visa? Want to know more about Australian student visa policies? 

This article will cover the Australian visa's history and the regulations and policies governing Australian student visas. We will have more information regarding the employment possibilities in Australia for international students. 


1. Visa - Introduction: 

The visa policy of a nation deals with the requirement that a foreign national wishing to enter that country obtain a visa. It permits one to travel, join, or stay in that country. As of 2015, VISA-free entries are denied in almost all countries. 

2. Visa History - Australia: 

In the 1970s, Australia was among the first nations to replace ink-based stamps with secure stick-on labels. 

In 1987, computers were used for the first time to process visitor visa applications in overseas Australian immigration offices. 

Again in 1990, the Immigration Records and Information System (IRIS II) was introduced to simplify immigration clearance by enabling cross-counter visa issues, earning it the title "the most advanced visa processing system in the world." 

Australia was the first nation to introduce electronic visas in 1996. The Electronic Travel Authority system (ETA) was introduced to connect electronic tickets to the applicant's passport. In 2015, the issue of visa stickers came to an end. 

3. Australian Visa Categories: 

There are 80,000 visa applications filed every year. This includes skilled migrants, family migrants, and students who wish to pursue higher education in Australia. 

According to one's needs and purpose, one can apply for a visa under any of the six categories. 

  •  Work Visa  
  •  Visitor visa  
  •  Business visa  
  • Australian student visa 
  • Temporary Entry Visa 
  • permanent entry visa 

4. International Students in Australia: 

Australia allows intentional students to pursue an outstanding education at leading institutions. Students have the flexibility to choose from more than 22,000 courses provided by around 1100 institutions across every discipline and at every level. 

  • Overseas student visa statistics from the portal show that more than 1,20,000 Australian student visas are issued annually. 
  • Some of the essential aspects of Australian higher education are: 
  •  World-class education  
  • Qualifications that are globally recognised. 
  • uncompromising quality assurance 
  • world-changing research and development 

5. Australian Student Visa - Introduction: 

International students applying to any Australian university should get an Australian student visa (subclass 500). The student can stay in Australia for up to five years, depending on their enrolment. 

  • Below are the documents that must be submitted to the Department of Home Affairs of the Australian Government to get an Australian student visa. 
  • Confirmation of enrollment (CoE) from the university. 
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) 

6. Proof of financial ability to cover all the expenses 

However, in 2016, a new Simplified Australian Student Visa Framework (SSVF) was implemented to determine the number of documents a student must submit with their Australian student visa application based on their country of citizenship and the university where they are enrolled. 

7. Post-Study Work Visa: 

The Australian Government announced the post-study work visa in March 2013. It is referred to as the 485 visas for Australia. It enables a student to obtain a post-study work permit temporarily. 

International students can avail themselves of any one of the following Australian student visas: 

To obtain this type of Australian student visa, a student must meet the following conditions: 

8. Post-Study Work Stream Visa:  

Graduation and Above Should have completed at least 16 to 24 months (or more) of studies (either a bachelor's, master's, or doctorate) in Australia. 

  • The student should have obtained the degree within six months of the visa application. 
  • The study years for a bachelor's degree are two years. A master's degree can range from two to three years, depending on the qualification. 
  • If a student has earned a doctorate, their stay may be extended to four years. 
  • This visa allows the students to bring their families. 

9. Graduate Work Stream Visa: 

 Less than graduate degrees. To obtain this type of Australian student visa, a student must meet the following conditions: 

  • In Australia, you should have completed at least 16 to 24 months (or more) of studies (either a diploma, certificate III, or trade-level certificate). 
  • The student should have obtained the degree within six months of the visa application. 
  • The qualification should be related to the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and be on the high-demand list. 
  • Aston University's Women in Engineering International Scholarship 
  • A student can stay and work for 18 months on this visa. 
  • This visa allows the students to bring their families. 

10. Visa for Skilled and Recognized Graduates: 

  • This visa falls under Subclass 476. This type of Australian student visa is one of the most popular options for engineering graduates seeking employment. 
  • It is a temporary visa that provides the right to work in Australia for fresh engineering graduates. With this, they may become eligible for permanent residency or a provisional skilled visa. 
  • To obtain this visa, the following conditions must be satisfied: 
  • The age limit should be lower than or equal to 31. 
  • Should have earned an engineering degree from one of the Washington accord-accredited universities in the last two years (exceptions are given to a few institutions). 
  • The student should not apply for or hold a Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) or a Skilled Recognized Visa. 
  • It is necessary to adhere to any health standards. 
  • Using this temporary visa, the student may bring their family and remain for up to 18 months. 

Could you provide me with additional documentation showing my English competence? 

11. Australian Student Visa Requirements: 

Students must possess one of the following qualifications within two years of applying for this visa: 

  •  Bachelor's  
  •  Master's  
  •  Doctoral  
  • Specific health requirements should be met. 
  •  Postgraduate Diploma  
  • The following engineering courses e specialised in the degrees listed above: 
  •  Civil  
  •  Structural  
  •  Chemical  
  •  Environmental  
  • Electrical and electronics 
  • mechanical, production, and plant charities 
  • Charities associated with mining and material plants 


Suppose you are applying for a post-study work visa in Australia or any other country. In that case, it is highly recommended that you carefully review the policies and rules. 

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