Abroad Higher Education

Are you looking for a consultancy that would be a one-stop shop for processing your higher education abroad?

We know that processing for overseas higher education is only that easy with proper guidance from an expert. There are lots and lots of complicated steps involved in this process.

If I am looking forward to processing my overseas higher education, I will be looking for someone ready to help me in every step from the beginning to the end.

Well, that is what Dolphin Education Consultancy is here for. We make sure that the candidate is provided with a candidate-centric approach.

We help you at every step of your process, from passport application assistance until the end—that is, post-arrival guidance. We first start by making the initial counselling call to the candidates and then acquire the required documentation. Once the documents are received, if the candidate doesn’t have a passport, we assist in the course of action by applying for their passport. Once the key is accepted, we verify the documents sent and provide the best possible course of action. Suppose the candidate already has a preferred method. In that case, we ensure that the candidate has all the details about the system they are willing to do from the top universities and the universities preferred by the candidate.

Once the student has confirmed the course, we begin making applications and even optimise the SOP in the best possible way so that it doesn’t stand a chance of rejection. Once the application is made, we chase offers from the university. Once the submission is received, we ensure the candidates have met the conditions mentioned in the conditional offer. Once it's done, we request unconditional offers from the university. Certain things have to be done precisely per the instructions set by the university; one of them is the initial fee paid to the university.

Well, Dolphin Education Consultancy does provide assistance for the same. We'll make sure that everything is done according to their visa once it's done, we upload the copies to the university and suggest the students begin their fund maintenance at the earliest, upload proof of the same, and request CAS. Once the CAS has been received, we help candidates with their VISA application and appointment. Once granted the VISA, they can book their flight tickets and depart. Once you reach the UK, you must complete some formalities. We provide a post-arrival checklist listing all the things you must register for.

Once it's done, you are ready to step into the university. This is how we have been assisting all the candidates so far, right from the beginning till the end, and all services related to the UK admissions process are entirely free.

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