Why is The UK Considered to be Safe

Why is The UK Considered to be Safe?

Each city in England offers you something different from the rest. The UK has countryside villages with idyllic landscapes to the biggest cities with skyscrapers. It has cities famous for their rich education and has universities that are more than 1000 years old. UK is ranked in the top 100 safest countries in the world. We have provided some of the many reasons why England is considered to be one of the safest places for international students.

Student-friendly cities:

  • International students serve as the heart of many cities in the UK and bring their own tradition and culture to the already diverse country.
  • Because of these positive impacts from the international students, they are treated as a part of the British people.
  • The welcoming nature of the British people makes it easier for young students to feel safe and secure in the new place.

Lower crime rates:

  • Every developed country in the world experiences a certain level of crime rate.
  • However, European countries are among some of the safest in the world for international students.
  • When it comes to the global league tables, the UK is one of the highly ranked safest countries in the European continent.

Multicultural society:

  • Every year, more than 4 lakh students arrive in the UK for higher studies. Also, a large number of people from various parts of the world are working here.
  • Such international residents make a highly diverse and multicultural environment in the UK.
  • Almost all the universities in the UK offer clubs and activities for international students based on their religion, culture and beliefs.
  • This provides an opportunity to meet people from various ethnic backgrounds and make friends.

Support system for International students:

  • UK universities provide offer and guidance to their students through Student Support Systems.
  • There will be a specialist appointed to whom you can speak your concerns if you feel uncomfortable or insecure.
  • This support system provides assistance for university-related, financial, health, career and other information making the place safest student destination.


You: “I want to do my higher studies in the UK?

Us: “Awesome!! You will have the time of your life in these cities?

Check out the list of some of the safest cities in the UK to continue your study journey.

  • They will help you throughout the process.
  • They will assist you with all the information they could provide.
  • Being good listeners, they will be all ears to your preference and comfort.
  • You can get good educational advice, as they have abundant knowledge on study abroad process.
  • They will help in VISA and all other documentation processes.
  • Even after you move abroad, you can still get guidance from them whenever needed.


  • Yes!! We are talking about the capital city that serves as the epicentre for the UKs culture and entertainment.
  • It is not only considered as one of the most diverse cities on the planet but also as the biggest student hub in the world.
  • It has more than 40 educational institutions and more than 5 Lakh student population.
  • This doesn’t mean you have to spend your time studying.
  • You have got more to do – see, eat, drink and have fun and just prepare for an endless conversation about how expensive this city is!!
  • With people from all over the world from real-life royalties to Hollywood royalties and pubs in every corner, it's no wonder London is a hot spot for international students.


  • Leicester is considered as a city that never sleeps. Its a beautiful city with a river, shopping centres, club republic and amazing parks.
  • DMU, University of Leicester are few of the famous universities located here with a huge population of international students.
  • Being very diverse and multicultural, it is really good for food. You can easily find any kind of cuisine when you walk down the road.
  • Transport is too good with buses and low fare taxis. Even though it is a small city, it is certainly packed a lot.
  • It completely provides a different vibe when compared with London in terms of cost and other aspects.


  • Being considered as the second safest county in the UK with more than 100 schools and colleges, you have plenty of activities to undertake during your study holidays.
  • Similar to Leicester, it has easily accessible taxi facilities. If you have a crush on the world’s supercars, dont worry!! Luxury car rental services are available here to test your driving abilities.
  • Highly popular activity here is watching sports. You can get entertained by the local rugby and football teams.


  • Greenwich is one of the most beautiful spots with amazing city views, bars and restaurants. There is everything here that you could wish for in London.
  • The local job opportunities here are increased by business sectors like IT and communications and educational sectors like the University of Greenwich and other highly respected schools.
  • For weekend activities, Greenwich boasts places like Cutty Sark, National Maritime Museum, etc. Suiting for all kinds of budgets and preferences.
  • Of course, it has a busy town centre with plenty of pubs, restaurants and cafes which will be a great opportunity for students to spend time as well as to secure part-time jobs.


  • The most iconic Scotland’s capital city Edinburg is voted as one of the best student cities.
  • It receives the top score for student experiences based on its affordability, nightlife, employment opportunities, arts, culture and many more.
  • You can have all the benefits of urban life with all shopping, clubbing and eating.
  • Also, you have many things to explore beyond the famous novelty tartan, right from the architecture of the castles and medieval cobbled streets to the Fringe festival.


  • Coventry is considered as a diverse place to study because 6.8% of its population consists of students.
  • With famous universities like Warwick and Coventry University, more than 40% of the students belong to outside of the UK.
  • It's located just an hour away from London which makes it easy for you to take day time trips.
  • It boasts affordable student flats and studios along with easy transport facilities.
  • To keep yourself entertained, Coventry has one of the largest arts centres, Warwick Art Centre. This means Coventry is not short on culture too.

Newcastle upon Tyne:

  • As the most populous city in the northeast, the wider area of Newcastle is home to some of the strongest universities like Durham and Northumbria universities.
  • The universities here are well known for their research and innovation
  • It has a rich literary tradition to art, theatre, music, sports and cultural festivals.
  • Don’t worry!! Newcastle has plenty more to offer. It's famous for its nightlife with iconic bars and clubs to enjoy an inimitable vibe. Even though it makes one of the safest student destinations. safest student destination


It is important for students to know the important aspects that make the UK the safest student destinations.

Emergency numbers:

  • It is safe for the students to know important emergency phone numbers like Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade, etc.


  • Health and travel insurance in the UK must be taken care of when you leave your home country.

Keep safe of your belongings:

  • If you have money or credit cards, make sure you keep them in multiple places so that you can have a backup if one is lost.

Accommodation safety:

  • You may live in a university dorm or other private rentals.
  • Make sure to keep the doors closed all the time.
  • Lock your windows while going out.
  • Be careful with unknown people like plumbers, electricians, etc.

Public Transport:

  • Public transports like buses, trains and even taxis are safe in the UK. They serve as a safe and efficient way to travel.

Mini Cabs:

  • Do not accept rides offered by unknown people. Use only the iconic black cabs who are licensed.
  • Even though mini cabs can offer cheaper prices, they are not government regulated and are often unsafe.

Using streets in the night:

  • Make sure you do not walk during the night-time in ill-lit and empty streets.
  • Online maps may show you the routes to be avoided. But better ask the city guides.
  • Don’t hold your cash or other valuable items for a long time when you are walking on the road.

Going to a new country on your own can be a bit challenging.

Struggling to know everything and to learn your surroundings can make you less attentive on your belongings and safety.

When you decide to study abroad, choosing where to study is a big decision.

It is really important that you have all the necessary information about the places that you consider.

You should take the necessary steps to make sure that you are safe and also have a good time.

Stay Safe while study abroad

  • Feeling safe and secure should be the top consideration when you start thinking about foreign universities.
  • Enjoying this comfort and happiness will make a significant difference between staying or getting a good degree or to look for any other choices.
  • Hope the above article serves information about the UK cities for the international students who are coming to one of the best countries for study destination.
  • This guide will help you and your loved ones to experience the UK in a safe manner.
  • Hope this article helps you to make your stay at the UK safest student destinations.
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