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Visa Assistance

Student Visa Guidance: (Blast off your aspiration)

Applying for a student visa is a tedious task. Our professional Visa Guidance Team will steadily progress the process in line with UKVI guidelines for a successful student visa application.
We ensure students navigate through the entire visa process safe and secure; by helping them overcome about 99% of the whole process that is confusing. With Dolphin Education Consultancy you have nothing to fear because our trusted team members will help you to complete your visa application.
All the documentation work related to visa application goes through many levels of review by our experienced team members and we take advice from The OISC Level 3 qualified Immigration adviser in the UK (the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner). This makes no room for error right from getting the CAS to receiving a visa in your hands.

Pre-Departure Guidance:

Studying abroad is accompanied by tons of challenges and rewards; as to this effect, we set up a pre-departure event to make this easy for the students. The pre-departure guidance event will provide a proper understanding of the various expectations of life that students will witness abroad. The event creates the right platform for a one-on-one conversation with students and their guide, who will be visiting the same destination. Students who recently graduated or are still studying abroad will share their views and experiences with aspiring students. which will help you to know more about the climatic factor, geographical conditions and cultural differences in a new environment.
During the course of the event, students will be allowed to have one-on-one conversations with our Counsellors. Who will to offer assistance with flight ticket booking with available offers, sending the Checklist which contains Do's and Don'ts of Luggage packing, the best airlines for better baggage allowance, free SIM card which can be used in the UK on landing and filling COVID - 19 passenger locator form (Temporarily mandatory).

Other Phenomenal Services:

To obtain admission, one should accomplish the set of rules proposed by the university. It may vary from university to university (E.g., one may ask the student to take the IELTS exam while the other may be based on their English marks). UK admission is a step-by-step process and our consultants will guide you in all stages. On behalf of the students, our team will fill and submit the University application. (As every data should be compiled error-free).

Quick Response for queries:

We, Team Dolphin, take pride in quick response for student's queries that makes us distinct from others. All your queries are adhered to and will be responded as soon as possible. If a student communicates us with any question (via call or any social media) we will acknowledge it at the earliest.

100% Free Services:

All our services are free. One need not hesitate to contact us for overseas education consultation. We offer end-to-end free service to foster the dreams of the young aspirants. We standby you everywhere with no cost service and user-friendly services.

We Provide Visa Assistance:

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