Want to Apply for a New Passport

Want to apply for a new passport?

We at Dolphin Education Consultancy assist people who require assistance to apply for their passports. We initially collect the documents from the applicants. We make sure that it is done to the perfect. We then start making the applications, and once it's done, we share them with the applicant for review. Once they confirm that all the details are correct, we then proceed with making payment to the government and booking an appointment.

There are two types of services available here. One is Normal and Tatkal Service. The difference between these is that with normal service, you will have to wait for a minimum of two weeks or even for four weeks. Apart from that, you will have to wait another 3 – 4 weeks to complete the police verification and for your passport to reach your home. So, you may have to wait for two months from the date of application submission for the passport to reach your hand. Whereas with Tatkal service, you may get an appointment within two weeks, and from the date of appointment, the passport will be in your hand within a week.

And many may even want to reapply for their passport for several reasons like changing their name, address, etc... Below is the list of reasons for which you can reapply for your passport.

  1. Change in existing personal particulars.
  2. Validity expired within three years/ Due to expire within one year.
  3. Validity expired more than three years ago.
  4. Exhaustion of pages.
  5. Damaged passport.
  6. Lost passport.

Our trained and experienced team members are here to guide you through the process and ensure that you receive the passport successfully. Please note that while going for the passport appointment, you will have to make sure you carry all your original documents, submitted passport application form, and appointment receipt. They may, and they have the right to ask for any original document that applies to you. If the applicant is a minor and a student, they must ensure they get a Bonafide Certificate from their school.

Once the appointment is over, the applicant will receive a call from the local police station, and you will have to get it done. If you don’t receive a call from them for three weeks from the date of the passport appointment, you will have to call the local police station. Once the police verification is done, you will receive the passport in the post to the address you mentioned in the application form.

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