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UK Universities are showing a high number of applicants since the adoption of January intakes instead of having only September intakes.

“Having a second chance makes you want to work even harder” – Tia Mowry Yes!! You are getting a second chance if you have missed the September 2020 intake. You can now go for January 2021 intake as the admissions are already open!!.


Most of the universities in India, accepts application only once in a year – during June / July. However, few countries like the UK, offer multiple intakes which benefit the students.

Multiple intakes available in UK are:

  •  Term 1: September to January Intake
  •  Term 2: January to April Intake
  •  Term 3: April to June Intake


Generally, September intake has high demand every year and the admin side of the things are backed up for visa and other things. So, it is more convenient to choose January intakes.

Another added advantage is that you get more time to decide your post graduate study and prepare your application after completing under graduation. You will be more relaxed when applying for January intake as it has less volume of applications compared to the September intakes.


Most UK universities like UCLan, University of Greenwich, UWE Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge and many others have almost closed their admissions for September 2020 intake. The courses will be commencing by September end or October due to the COVID crisis.

Now the colleges are accepting applications for January 2021 intake which is good news to students who missed the previous intake.

Even though dates are announced for September intake course commencement, there are a number of ways considered by the universities to make it normal for the students. This includes that the key modules can be taught in January and others ways.

So, it is the right time for the students to apply for January 2021 intake.


Due to COVID issues, many of the students who applied for September intake is now preferring for January 2021 intake. The deferral requests are higher. This may be because, many universities are still considering a number of ways to adapt the new rules implemented due to COVID.

This may include:

Some of them may be funded by the UK government and some may not.

  •  Extending Pre-sessional English courses.
  •  Incorporating blended learning options for students who are not able to join in September.
  •  Key modules to be taught in January 2021 intake.


The admission process for January 2021 intake is usually outlined as follows: This will make your January 2021 intake hassle free.

June 2020 – October 2020: University, Course Selection & Documents organizing

  •  Gather your requirements and choose a course and university of your choice.
  •  You can choose up to 3 different universities in case you need a backup.
  •  Work on your Statement of Purpose, Resume and Letter of Recommendations.
  •  If you are an under graduate student, you should have completed your exams by this time.
  •  Once the results are published try to get your degree certificate and marksheets.
  •  Organize all the required documents needed for January 2021 intake.
  •  If you are thinking about taking educational loan, check with the bank about procedures.
  •  Applications can be submitted from early September till October.

August 2020 – October 2020:Crack the Required Exams

  •  Depending on the university and course you choose, prepare for the standardized exams like IELTS, PTE, GMAT, UKCAT, TOEFL or any other.
  •  Confirm what exam is mandatory for your profile.
  •  Check for the exam centers available near your place.
  •  Register for the exams before three months (minimum one month before). This ensures you have enough buffer time to retake the exam if you don’t clear it.
  •  Collect the course materials and start your preparations. Try to participate in online mock exams.
  •  You can ask for the test candidate entry number from the center where you took exam as a proof.

The above to processes should be completed before the middle of October so that your January 2021 intake will be easier.

Country Specific Scholarships

October 2020 – November 2020: Get ready to study abroad.

  •  Within 10 to 20 days of your application submission you will be receiving the status of your offer letter from the university.
  •  Always check your mails on a timely basis so that you don’t miss any communication from the university. Reply to the mails as soon as possible.
  •  Make your decision at the earliest after receiving the acceptance letter.
  •  Apply for educational loan with the acceptance letter you received from the university.
  •  If your offer is conditional, provide the necessary documents to make it unconditional.
  •  Make the initial fee to secure your place and start the fee maintenance process required for visa application. Get your TB test results.
  •  TAppear for the credibility interview conducted by the university.
  •  Apply for visa
  •  Book your flight tickets

December 2020 – January 2021:Final Call from the universities

  •  Before mid-December, the universities will let the students know about their application status for January 2021 intake.
  •  If you have secured a place for the January 2021 intake, you can start your travel preparations.
  •  Make a pre-departure checklist. Gather all your original documents and its photocopies to take with you.
  •  Arrange for international credit / debit card, abroad accommodation.


The universities in UK are providing a vast list of courses more than 6,000. January 2021 intake provides a perfect balance for the undergraduate students. After a grueling 3 or 4 years of study it will be difficult to enroll into post-graduation.

For January 2021 intake, you will have a few extra months to either relax or work after your bachelor’s. This will allow you for proper preparations both academic wise as well as mentally and financially.

You still have enough time to choose the right course and university and get on with your application. Contact to help you with your January 2021 intake.

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