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We evaluate students on various aspects like academic and financial background, strengths and weaknesses, future plans and based on all the information we provide better options for the students who will fall in line with their expectations.

We have a good record of visa and admission success rates. Counsellors bestow personal attention to every student, following a student-centred strategy, to make them feel more confident in making career decisions.

Admission Guidance: (Transforms your life / Visualise your dream)

Significantly, Dolphin Education Consultancy has built a reputation and has cultivated a relationship with UK universities. Thus, making it easy for our students to gain admission into various institutions. Although, there are a series of formalities and queries that will require individual attention. Our team will provide you with the guidance and information needed to apply to any desired UK University.

To obtain admission, one should accomplish the set of rules proposed by the university. It may vary from university to university (E.g., one may ask the student to take the IELTS exam while the other may be based on their English marks). UK admission is a step-by-step process and our consultants will guide you in all stages. On behalf of the students, our team will fill and submit the University application. (As every data should be compiled error-free).

We ensure that every student profile is rightly checked and properly edited to eliminate errors. We give your application special attention and provide comprehensive feedback to students on the outcome of our effort. During this, we take out time to correct both major and minor issues that may require attention. There is paperwork required to complete the admission process and we take meticulous care in compiling all the required paperwork correctly.

University Selection Guidance:

Selecting a good university after the relative course is a life-changing decision for all the students. Educational qualification is a prime thing for the process. At this phase, our team of trusted and reliable counsellors will assist you in listing out all the courses you considered as an option, the student may come with a choice of his/her university and course.

After a proper evaluation of your profile, our team will list out the number of suitable institutes as well as courses for you to finalise. Our team would also suggest to you what blends most with academic excellence and financial status. If it meets all the criteria, the student could get admission from the same university as well as the course. Our counsellors will be a viable guidance is a benchmark to the university selection.

Keep the following in mind while selecting a university:

Students should consider not only the ranking and accreditation of the University. But also the Course Modules, Fee Structure, and the location of the University to check the affordability and part-time job if needed in choosing a university.

Entrance Exam Guidance:

Dolphin Education Consultancy provides incomparable training to IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, GMAT, SAT, and ACT preparation. Our efficacious faculty ensures you achieve the best scores possible. Every student is unique, so our training batches are small to provide maximum attention to the individuals. Training batches range from a minimum of ten classes of training and a maximum of twenty classes (varies from student to student). We ensure personalized attention to the students and provide makeup classes, extra classes as well as numerous mock tests during the course. Our pedagogy has allowed us to attain an exceptional track record in the area of study abroad test preparation.

Mock Credibility Interview:

We guide the students to give correct answers to questions asked by the universities in credibility interviews. The questions you encounter in our "mock credibility interview" will be similar to questions asked in the credibility interview with the university of your choice. We provide several mock credibility interview sessions that will help you to clear.


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